Saturday, December 16, 2006

Wow, This is Bad

Morten Anderson just became the NFL's all time leading scorer, and not only did they not mention it until after the play, they also mentioned how he's being mobbed by his teammates, all while they were showing us the replay of the touchdown.

Call me crazy, or perhaps just overly emotional, any major record that gets set - I'm pretty interested in the celebrations of it. Like last week when LT set the record, and he called his Offensive Line to join into the celebration - that was kind of cool.

Of course, we can't see the Anderson celebration, nor can we see the replay of it.

At least they got excited when the Cowboys returner got absolutely lit up on the kick return.

Hows my Dallas -4 look now? Home dog needs to win and I bet against them - what a fool I am.

1 comment:

Scott said...

your dallas -4 was in the bag, like i told you on friday. no worries.