Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What Happened to Peter King?

Read these three paragraphs from this week's MMQB and ask yourself why a total pussy like this is allowed to have one of the best jobs in America.

a. Finally saw The Departed. I know it's a great story with great acting.
But the gratuitous gruesomeness went waaaaaay overboard and ruined the movie for
me. How many people getting shot in the head with the blood spraying out
everywhere do we have to see in order for Martin Scorsese to make his point that
mob violence can be pretty horrible? And are there any state troopers still
alive in Massachusetts? After watching this killathon, you'd think they'd all be
dead. Two-thirds of the way through the movie, I couldn't wait for it to end.

b. The only thing worse than the stomachache I had leaving the theater was
the revulsion I felt seeing eight or 10 children walk out after the movie with
their parents or guardians. One 2- or 3-year-old was being carried in a woman's
arms. With parents like those, God have mercy on those children and how they
will grow up viewing the world.

c. Good for Kimmie Meissner and Emily Hughes
finishing 1-2, respectively, in the skating Nationals. Two beautiful skaters,
and good kids, apparently, with their scholastic heads on straight.

Figure staking and "that movie was too violent."

Take your balls off the mantle of your house Peter and get back to talking football.

Man he sucks now.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Herpes Ruins Everything

Following up on our professional wrestling piece from yesterday morning, here's something from the world of amateur wrestling.

The state of Minnesota suspended play for their high school wrestling league because of an outbreak of herpes.

This is strange. I feel like I had cold sores in high school (especially in the winter) and they didn't have to cancel a season. I mean granted I didn't wrestle, but in my opinion there is more going on here than competition to spread this outbreak.

Maybe there was some outlandish high school wrestling groupie story that led to this.

But how does it explain the other box on the page that has South Dakota also worried about a herpes outbreak?

This story is weird to me. South Dakota and Minnesota are obviously strange places.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Best Gaming Ever

Last night was the Royal Rumble on Pay-per-view. For the second straight year, casa-thatguy hosted the event, and it was tremendous. Gambling on wrestling is awesome.

Here's how it works.

Each participant in the pool draws an even number of #'s, 1-30. Obviously your wrestlers come out by number, and that's who your team is. Now, the great part of the Rumble is that at least 25 combatants have zero chance at winning it. Super Crazy (#13 to Bonish) isn't going to win the Royal Rumble and main event Wrestlemania. So as these losers come to the ring, you just know whether you have a shot or not.

And for quite some time last night, I was convinced my team had no shot. Here were the rosters after all 30 wrestlers entered the ring:

Team Bon
Matt Hardy
Gregory Helms
Shelton Benjamin
CM Punk
King Booker
Super Crazy
Jeff Hardy
Chris Benoit
Shawn Michaels (HBK)
Chavo Guerrero

some decent mid-level wrestlers here, with one of the favorites (HBK) mixed in. Benoit of 3 years ago would've been more impressive.

Team Thatguy
Fit Finlay
Kenny Dykstra
Tommy Dreamer
Johnny Nitro

Arguably the worst first 9 ever drafted in the Royal Rumble. Ever. Without question. Not a single wrestler had a shot at the championship until the Undertaker came out at 30.

Team Nick
Ric Flair
Randy Orton
Big Vis
Kevin Thorn
Hardcore Holly
Chris Masters
The Miz

This team should be referred to as "team stacked."

3 of the top wrestlers in the business (Kane, Orton, edge) and a legend who you wouldn't ever be surprised if he won (Flair).

The turning point in the match came at spot 29 with Nick on the clock. thatguy had the final entrant, and the last two options were the Miz, and the Undertaker. Fortunately for the host (me) the Undertaker was the final entrant at spot #30, and thatguy took down the pot with a win.

You really can't beat it...its a great way to spend a Sunday night.

Some potential alterations for next year:
- Awarding eliminations. If your wrestling eliminates another, +$1. If you get eliminated, -$1.

It adds a sense of +/- like in Hockey. Khali is arguably one of the worst wrestlers in the world right now, but he took out 6 guys when he hit the ring. Khali ended up with a +$5. Solid contribution.

The night ended with Nick having a 50% shot to win as the final four was Edge, Orton, HBK, and Undertaker. Edge and Orton were eliminated simultaneously (lata Nick), and the Undertaker took it down.

Good times had by all.

Friday, January 26, 2007

This website is awesome

Another credit to shoota for this site.

The pictures won't post here, but take a look at Steve Nash

The NFL Has to Review Penalties

How does this happen? From ( )

In response to an item in our Conference
Championship Ten-Pack
regarding a key pass interference call on Patriots
cornerback Ellis Hobbs that allowed the Colts to complete an 18-point comeback
and knot the game at 21, a member of PFT Planet has alerted us to a January 25,
2007 "Q&A" on in which Vic Ketchman writes that the NFL has acknowledged
that a bad call was made
Writes Ketchman, in response to a question that
chastised him for suggesting that face-guarding is still
"Face-guarding was discontinued several years ago and I
completely missed it. I talked to Dean Blandino in the league office and
he confirmed what you're saying. Blandino, by the way, was in the replay
booth at the Patriots-Colts game. Ellis Hobbs should not have been flagged
for pass-interference. He didn't make contact with the receiver and in no
way did Hobbs impede Reggie Wayne's ability to catch the pass. Blandino
confirmed that the incorrect call was made. It advanced the ball from the
Patriots' 19-yard line to the one-yard line and was the big play in a touchdown
drive that led to a two-point conversion and a tie game at 21-21. Referee
Bill Carollo made no reference to face-guarding in his explanation, but CBS
analyst Phil Simms did. Apparently, he, too, doesn't know the rule no
longer exists. The next time you hear a TV analyst say, 'he wasn’t playing the
ball,' think of the Hobbs play, then turn down the sound."

How does this happen? I don't think judgement calls should be reviewed in a "was that holding" sort of manner, but if they called "face guarding" and it wasn't face guarding, that SHOULD be reviewable. If there's not even a distinction about face guarding in the rule book, HOW CAN YOU CALL FACE GUARDING.

It blows my mind that this is under the radar in the NFL right now. If this happened to the Colts, Bill Polian would be on the front page of, cbs.sportsline, cnnsi, thatguysports, all of the major sports websites in the country. But because it happened to the Patriots, nobody is going to freak out and nobody is going to say anything.

Face guarding isn't even a rule anymore. Yet it was called in the AFC title game. Unreal.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I love Gilbert Arenas

First there was this article in which Gilbert Arenas revealed that he had a company mimic the thin air that you'd find at high altitudes so that he can perform better in normal air,

"I had to put a tent in one room, and then they are going to come during
training camp and fix the whole house," Arenas said. "Then I have a portable
tent I'm taking on the road."
You read that right. Taking a tent to change his climate on the road. Priceless.

Then he talked a little more about his quirks in his day to day life. Things like walking his dogs on a treadmill to ensure they get proper exercise, and the fact that he used to play online poker at halftime of his games is absolutely hysterical.

And now there's this. Ever since he was cut from the US Olympic team he's had it out for Coach K and any coach associated with his staff. He dropped 54 on the Suns and Olympic assistant coach Mike D'Antoni, and said he couldn't wait to score over 50 against other assistant coach Nate McMillan of Portland.

But what would he do against coach K and Duke?

"One college game that's five fouls, right? ... 40-minute game at Duke, they got
soft rims I'd probably score 84 or 85. I wouldn't pass the ball. I wouldn't even
think about passing it. It would be like a NBA Live or an NBA 2K7 game, you just
shoot with one person,"

I love it. Not only specific about 84 or 85 (not 80...not 70...not a round number) but 84 or 85, and associating it to a video game.

I love the "I could score x if I went back into time." Great argument. Personally, I don't think I'd score more if I went back to play high school hoops, but I think I'd be a monster on the boards. I feel like the heavier I got the better I boxed out. Like Barkley. And my mental advantage over the high school kids would allow me to play the angles better to get to the ball. I think I'd average a double double if I went back to play. 10 points, tops......but at least 12-18 rebounds per game.

And I'd be a dominant pulling guard if it was football. Which is insane because I played Wide Receiver in college.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Will the Northeast be Involved in March Madness

Take a look around at the teams that typically are factors on a national landscape in college hoops in the Northeast. See something a little different than normal?

Yeah, they all stink.

Syracuse, UConn, Boston College are all borderline tournament teams. UConn could legitimately not make the Big East tourney. Sure, BC is what, 6-1 in the ACC right now, but their next 6 games are brutal, oh and two of their top 5 players just got tossed for smoking the sticky-icky.

UConn plays something like 8 Freshman and 3 high school kids, so they're too young to really compete (seriously, there's a shot they don't make the Big East

Syracuse is competing in the Big East but its not like they're a national factor.

The only ranked team in the Northeast is Pittsburgh, and I'm not even sure people think about them. Besides don't they usually win early and then choke?

Regardless, is there any team from the northeast that we should even consider this year? I don't think so.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Recipe for Future Success

Ok for starters, we're over the end of the Patriots season. There will be some Super Bowl coverage on this site next week. The reality is when you're a budding sports empire like thatguysports, you can't ignore the masses. The fact that I probably lost half my readers in the last two days tells me something as well.


Its NBA season in case you haven't noticed. Most of you probably haven't. That said, I hope if you have realized that its NBA season, that you've also realized how perfect the Celtics season of futility is going.

For those who don't know (myself included until my buddy shoota told me to write about this), the Celtics were very young this year w/ a suspect at best coach. They had no real big-man, about 3 point guards, and another 4 guys who only did one thing well, whether it be defend, shoot, or dribble.

So what happens? Paul Pierce gets hurt and this team turns into the University of Connecticut of the NBA. Just a ton of Freshman trying to play against the big boys.

Now, some think this is an issue, but for me....and for all Celtics fans involved, they should see how perfect this really is. Follow me.

1) NBA coaches are protected/shackled by a superstar. Need a hoop? Run a play for a superstar. Its that simple in the NBA. You'll either get a hoop, get a foul, or he'll put up a bad shot. 2/3 ain't bad. When that superstar goes down, your coach comes to the forefront. After this season there will be no more hypothesizing about whether or not he is a good or bad coach. All he has to do is coach now. Lets see what he has.

2) "The kids" play. You have no other choice. At one point last week they had 8 guys dressed for a game. Everybody has to play at that point, no? Lets see what they all have.

3) Last and certainly not least, the Greg Odom sweepstakes. Lets hope the lottery doesn't screw the Celtics again.

So to sum up, if you're a young, bad NBA team with one superstar who will guarantee you a win every now and piece of advice from thatguysports:

I hear Jeff Gillooly is looking for work. Nancy Kerrigan that superstar, and see what you have for a coach, for youth, and for talent.

But don't lose the lottery.

I may have to watch the Celtics now. Joy.

This is What I Have Left

How lame is the world of sports right now if your team isn't involved in the Superbowl and you're not the biggest NBA or NHL fan in the world?

-- The NHL is getting new uniforms for the All Star game. That's a story? And not only that, but why is it a big deal? Am I missing something?

I don't know how the players are going to respond to the new look. They might
love it. Or they might hate it. But I do wonder why the league isn't taking a
little more time to institute the change. What's the rush? I've never heard one
player or fan ever voice displeasure with the current uniform. Why not make sure
the players, a good majority of the players, are onside with the change?

What the hell are they talking about? Isn't this just new shirts and padded pants/shorts???? What is the NHL doing, changing the amount of pads a player wears? I actually just heard on the radio that these uniforms are going to make players 9% faster. Again, what the hell are they talking about? and why couldn't I make myself 9% faster in Division 3 college football?

Hockey is weird.

Oh and you can find the NHL All Star festivities on some obscure cable channel that nobody knows the number for. I think its found between the Home Improvement channel and Animal Planet.

-- Bill Parcells retired again. Yawn. Will he retire? Who the hell knows. He still hasn't won a thing without Bill Belichick around.

-- Thatguysports dream draft pick for the Patriots, Michael Griffin of Texas apparently flew around at the Senior Bowl practice yesterday. This guy would be a terrific piece to the puzzle for the New England secondary.

-- Get cheered up from a Patriots loss by reading barstoolsports. They have pictures of chicks there.

There you have it.....pitiful.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Evening Update


The Morning After

Less than 12 hours after the abortion that was the AFC title game and now I know what it felt like to be a Democrat the morning after George Bush got re-elected. Shock, dismay, anger. Thats whats going through my head.

I'm shocked that an 18 point lead didn't hold up. I'm shocked that the Patriots made the mistakes that you see other teams make against them that they take advantage of time and time again.

Much to my dismay, the Patriots got away from their gameplan offensively AND defensively in the 2nd half and it cost them dearly. I don't understand what they were thinking....and I never will.

I'm angry at Josh McDaniels this morning. Angry at Bill Carrolo and his "phantom" blow to the head on Tully Banta-Cain (You just DON'T make that call at that juncture unless there's a broken nose or blood involved. It was a clear makeup call- and one that wasn't even bad to begin with). But it doesn't change the fact that the Patriots tried to survive last night, rather than going for the jugular.

I'm just angry in general. The next 6 months absolutely suck. I'm not ready for the Red Sox and the rest of the most spoiled athletes in the country (baseball players) who do nothing but bitch and complian for an entire summer of making excuses for why they didn't run out a ground ball. Oh and I can't even stand to put on ESPN for the next two weeks.

Some last second tidbits that I forgot to mention last night:

- Enough killing Reche Caldwell. 1. I don't think the Patriots score on the uncovered play that he dropped, the way they were calling plays on that drive, I think they still settle for a field goal. Caldwell has been a very solid player down the stretch and two drops aren't going to change my opinion of him. Besides, if Brady recognizes that earlier he throws it to him earlier, quicker, etc. That play was bad from the beginning.

- More kudos to Peyton Manning. You stepped up when you needed to and made plays.

Thats all I have to say on the matter. I'm done talking about this game.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Immediate Reactions to AFC Championship Game, Patriots vs Colts

Bear with me as I'm in total shock.

Some immediate things I don't understand, or want to comment on:

- why get away from the defensive game plan that you had through most of the first half? the Patriots attacked and covered for 1 3/4 quarters, played a prevent at the end of the half, then sat in cover 2 for the bulk of the 3rd quarter as the Patriots let the Colts run free in the secondary.

- Jim Nantz had to have his life savings on the Colts in this game....I don't think I've heard a guy as excited when one team scored and as depressed when the other team scored in my life. And I've watched a LOT of football.

- What was in the water on the New England sideline tonight? Guys were dripping like flies left and right in the second half. By my count these starters missed time tonight: Seymour, Colvin, Hawkins, Warren, Wilfork. that's unreal.

- Spend your ass off next year Patriots. You have a ton of money available. Go get Lance Briggs, and go get a slot receiver. Draft a safety in the first round and coach him up from May through August. Turn him into a starter. Go do it.

- Last but certainly not least, all the credit in the world to Peyton Manning. He played great tonight, the Patriots had no answers, and I give him all the credit.

That's all I have for now - more analysis tomorrow. I've lost the will to even write this at this juncture.

Conference Championship Sunday Breakdowns

Today's the day, ladies and gentlemen (or the 8 guys that read this blog).

Time for some breakdowns and game predictions.

Chicago -2.5 vs New Orleans

Keys to the game:

Quarterback play
Some may say this is an obvious one, but I think it rings true more-so in this game than any other playoff game this year. If Rex Grossman can narrow the gap between him and Drew Brees, the Bears will win this game. They're a better defensive team than the Saints are, and Chicago has a distinct special teams advantage. If Grossman can make some plays downfield, look out.

I don't care if Drew Brees played at Purdue so when it was cold in November he played in the cold. This is January in Chicago. HUGE difference. Dome teams outdoors in the playoffs just don't seem to fare as well as they do in their dome. That's just how it is. If this game is sub 25 degrees with any sort of wind, Chicago will have a huge advantage.

Which Defense shows up for Chicago?
The stout, stat producing bunch from the majority of the regular season, or the bunch that got shredded by some offenses down the stretch?

Can the Saints stop Chicago?
I say no. This defensive secondary will be challenged to say the least with the vertical passing game that Chicago utilizes.

Prediction: Chicago 24, New Orleans 20.

Indianapolis Colts -3 vs the New England Patriots

How will the game be called? Tight? Loose? Will the Patriots be able to play physically like they'd prefer?

Patriots Gameplan
Will the Patriots get away from the run like they did in the first meeting, or will they stay committed to it? I, for one, don't believe the Colts "figured it out" but more appropriately played two one dimensional offenses.

Peyton Manning
In their first meeting Manning ran more than he ever did against the Patriots. He converted first downs, and bought himself time to make a play. If he does that again today, look for the Colts to fare well.

3rd Down
Who will convert more 3rd downs? Brady and his magic, or Manning and his effectiveness? The team that wins most on 3rd down today will win this game.


Patriots 27-17 win.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

MSNBC Writer Michael Ventre is a Jackass

You know, I understand that the casual football fan may be much more interested in seeing Peyton Manning and the Colts wide-open, star studded offense than seeing Tom Brady and the Patriots systematic approach to football in the Super Bowl, but this donkey Michael Ventre takes anti-Patriot sentiment to a new level.

Lets try to figure out this moron's point.

On the surface, it may not seem that important. But it is. If the New England
Patriots defeat the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game on Sunday,
it will unleash a wave of boredom and annoyance that could reach biblical

Boredom? The Patriots have played in 3 SuperBowls, they won two on a last second Field Goal, and they won the 3rd with an interception at the end of the game to seal the deal. Hardly blowout wins that put people to sleep.

Does society really need to see more camera shots of Belichick on the sidelines
in an old sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off? The Super Bowl reaches
approximately 1 billion people in over 230 countries and territories. What we’re
saying to the world, in essence, is that this is one of the most successful men
in the U.S. at his profession, and if you work hard enough, you too can someday
dress like him. I imagine that might slow human initiative around the globe.

Another national writer with the "attire" issue on Belichick. Yawn.

And don’t forget that if the Patriots actually win the Super Bowl, then
Belichick will be asked to say a few words. This will extend an already
interminable telecast because everyone will have to wait around for the
voice analysis experts to determine what he said. Belichick’s unique combination
of mumbles, grunts and intermittent clich├ęs also threaten to put an entire
planet to sleep, although they do succeed in exciting some researchers in the
field of primate communication.

Now its becoming insulting. Hearing a reserved individual show emotion, to me, isn't boring - its refreshing. Nothing makes me happier to see somebody who typically doesn't let his emotions out actually SHOW EMOTION. This guy is a clown.

The Pats don’t have widespread appeal, like the Dallas Cowboys or Los
Angeles Lakers or New York Yankees. Their core audience consists of people in
and around Boston who need a fifth choice on their anger checklist behind the
Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics and the Big Dig. Of those, the Patriots have the best
track record lately by far, but that is offset by the fact that an NFL team only
plays once a week. Sports fans in New England are the happiest when they’re
miserable on a daily basis.

Now this guy is offending me. Listen moron, here's where you're wrong:
- The Patriots are the #2 at the very least, possibly the #1 (in my circle) for Boston fans. The Bruins and the Celtics??? Please pal, get a grip. You're clueless.

- I know you're from LA, so you don't really have any sense of the national sports landscape, but the Dallas Cowboys and the LA Lakers haven't been a factor in years. Was TO a factor? Sure. Was Kobe vs Shaq a factor? Sure.

But on a "major story" level, those two clubs have been non-factors for a long time.

- Boston fans aren't miserable. At least the "real" ones aren't. You've watched too many HBO specials, or "The Curse" documentaries you clown.

This guy is clueless, but not in a "hey I at least got you to read my story so I'm not that clueless" kind of way. He's clueless in a "you have no business writing about sports" kind of way.

Thanks to Kegman for sending this along.

Friday, January 19, 2007

48 Hours Until Kickoff

And thatguysports is all abuzz.

Bruce Allen at Boston Sports Media Watch summarizes 26 national "experts" and what they think for the game on Sunday. Lets just say, once again these clowns are way off.

Here they are:

Sports Illustrated
Don Banks, Colts
Jeffri Chadiha, Colts
Nunyo Demasio, Colts
Peter King, Colts
Michael Silver, Patriots
Dr. Z, Patriots
Tim Layden, Colts
Joe Theismann, Patriots
Sean Salisbury, Colts
Merril Hoge, Colts
Ron Jaworski, Colts
Mark Schlereth, Colts
Eric Allen, Patriots
Chris Mortensen, Colts
Mike Golic, Colts
CBS Sportsline
Pete Prisco, Colts
Clark Judge, Colts
Greg Bromberg, Colts
Ron Davis, Colts
Dave Richard, Colts

Jarrett Bell, Colts
Nate Davis, Patriots
Tom Pedulla, Patriots
Larry Weisman, Colts
Skip Wood, Patriots
Jeff Zillgitt, Colts

I'm not even mad....that's amazing. And just so we all know the best way I can describe why all of these experts are so on board with the Colts, is that in some form it all comes down to the fact that "Peyton Manning is due." Wow, that's some analysis.

Time for some NFC analysis:
- I think this game turns into another shoot-out for the Bears. You wouldn't think a team that this season was known for its defense would be involved in two shootouts in a row, but I think with the Saints defensive deficiencies in the secondary combined with their obvious offensive prowess results in a game that could very well reach the 30's.

- Will Rex Grossman keep his edge or will he lay an egg?
- Will the Saints be able to run the ball against (in my opinion) an overrated Defense?
- And how will special teams factor into things? The Saints will have to kick away from Devon Hester - I wonder how much field position this costs them.

Bears win 34-31. Gould wins it as time expires, and the Saints get off a bad punt to cost them crucial field position that allows Chicago to move the ball into field goal range.

Last but certainly not least today, Ron Borges pulls a doozy. Picks the Patriots in an MSNBC article and picks against the Patriots in the Globe today. God bless him - he is a F'n miracle.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Full Day Hiatus

Another sales conference (yeah 4 in 6 business days - that's fun), will prevent me from putting up an update tomorrow.

Some notes to tide you over for the day:

- Akida MaClean and Sean Williams tossed from the BC mens hoop team. I'll find out the real story as soon as I can (probably tomorrow when I can't post) but the rumor is that smoking grass on a daily basis is frowned upon at the heights.

BC will finish worse than UMass this year.

- I still hate Bill Polian.

- Simmons absolutely crushes all NFL Playoff momentum with an NBA article about the Suns today - hopefully nobody reads it. The NBA sucks - This blog is about 2 weeks away from coming to a crashing halt until baseball and NFL draft stuff. The NBA just blows.

- Write off the Chargers next year. Schottenheimer is being kept on. Good chance he gets tossed mid-season. Mark it down.

- The Red Sox still don't have a closer.

Coming on Friday....more ways the Patriots will beat the Colts and some insight to the NFC.

Bill Polian At it Again

In a shocking turn of events, the Colts Official Website has an interview with Bill Polian today.

Guess what he complains about? THE OFFICIATING!!!!!

In all honesty, I may hate Bill Polian more than any other individual in professional athletics.

Some gems:

Question: A 15-6 victory over the Baltimore Ravens in an AFC Divisional
Playoff Saturday. A second consecutive convincing performance by the Colts'
defense. Kicker Adam Vinatieri converted five field goals and, in general, it
was a low-scoring game with no touchdowns . . .

Answer: Adam came through as we certainly hoped that he would. The game was
kind of a unique game, but I think it’s just apropos of the kind of officiating
that has been going on. When you have blitzing teams and you allow that
downfield stuff, such as what happened to (Colts wide receiver) Reggie Wayne,
you’re going to limit offense. That’s the net of it. You encourage the
power-running game, you discourage the passing game and if you’re limited to a
running game, it’s rare that you can do what we did in the fourth quarter and
take the game over with a power-running attack. I worry not so much about us -
we can play any style – but I worry about what kind of a game we’re getting when
we allow so much rough stuff down the field. Whether or not the league office
says that was a foul or should have been a foul, I don’t know, but Bill Levy is
a great official. I know he’s nothing if not an honest guy and the explanation
he gave I think is what the officials have been told. That worries me some. You
went something like two-and-a-half games before a touchdown was scored? That’s
not good, when the best teams play that way. That’s not good for the health of
the game. I think that was certainly a contributing factor to a low-scoring

Q: Is there anything that can be done about it?

A: The Competition Committee, I know, will talk about it. Ozzie
Newsome, the Ravens’ general manager, and myself are two members of the
Competition Committee. Anytime you get a game that’s totally field goals, and
especially in the playoffs when you do, without question, have the four best
teams in the AFC left on that particular weekend, you ought to have more scoring
than that. Again, I think it’s something we have to look hard at. Not with
respect to individual games or individual teams, but what kind of a game are we
going to have going forward.

Bill you are so transparent. "Not with respect to individual games or individual teams." Bill, try having your Quarterback not throw to the other team 5 times in 2 games. That may help scoring.

I can't wait for the ticky-tack illegal contact penalties to come flying out of the woodwork this weekend.

Onto the Colts

Enough with the cry-baby Chargers, I think its clear that they need to adjust their tampons.

So far this week the media frenzy is 1) typically heightened as its another Brady-Manning battle, and 2) typically slanted towards the Colts.

I'm not going to underestimate the home field for the Colts, but the reality is that in the AFC title game, home field means nothing. Its nearly a 50/50 win/win for the home and road team throughout history...and the Patriots are 8-1 on the road this year.

Some things the media is missing out on in my opinion:

Too much emphasis on their first meeting.

Why do I say this exactly?

1. Rodney Harrison got hurt in this game, and James Sanders didn't have the experience that would allow Belichick to open up his defensive playbook. I'd argue that Sanders wasn't really "let loose" until this past week against San Diego when he was blitzed, rushed, covered backs, covered receivers, etc. He was asked to be Rodney Harrison in their schemes, for the first time all year. When Harrison got hurt in the game, the Patriots moved to a very vanilla scheme. They won't have that this week...they'll change it up more than they did.

2. Asante Samuel wasn't the player then that he is today. I can see it now, Harrison baits Manning into one of the INT's that Ty Law baited him into in the '03 AFC title game. He is now a shutdown corner, and Manning is just pig-headed enough to test him.

3. 5 Turnovers. The Patriots turned it over 5 times and only lost by 7 points. Does anybody think the Patriots are going to do that again this week?

Not enough emphasis on the Colts season, too much emphasis on their last two weeks.

I actually heard Adam Schefter on talk radio this morning make the statement that Peyton Manning doesn't have to win games for the Colts anymore, he just has to not lose them.

Possibly the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Look, the Colts Defense played well last week and the week before. But they did it against the two worst, and most one dimensional offenses that made the playoffs. The Chief's stink, Trent Green stinks, the Ravens have no weapons, and Steve McNair is atrocious. No more needs to be said.

If the Colts think their defense is going to hold the Patriots to the points that they held the Cheifs and Ravens to, this one is over at the half. This defense still got gashed by the Houston Texans two weeks after the Patriots destroyed them in Foxborough.

Brady played poor last week.

No way he lays another stinker this week. Oh and he hasn't lost in a dome.

Tony Dungy is overrated.

I believe he is the 2nd most winning-est coach in NFL history without coaching in a Superbowl. Why does he not get the same heat that Marty Schottenhemer receives?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Read These Notes...

and you will see why the San Diego Chargers are complete morons.

Is the Running Back Position Overrated?

Take a look at the last 6 Superbowl champions and see if you can name the starting Running Back for each team. Its a fun game...but it also tells a story that I don't think many people realize.

Willie Parker/Jerome Bettis
Corey Dillon (the only one who makes a leading rushing list and superbowl champ)
Antowain Smith
Michael Pittman/Mike Alstott
Smith (again)
Jamal Lewis

The Running Back position is clearly among the more overrated positions in the NFL.

Take a look at the last few years as an example.

Tomlinson, Larry Johnson, Frank Gore, Tiki Barber, Steven Jackson were the top 5 rushers in the NFL. 0 playoff wins combined, 3 appearances. Expand that to the top 10 RB's and the only Running back who had a win was Brian Westbrook, and the Eagles were one and done.

S. Alexander led his team to the Superbowl, but didn't win. Tiki Barber, L. Johnson, Portis, Edgerrin James, and Tomlinson round out the top 6. Only Alexander went anywhere and came up short.

Curtis Martin, Alexander, Dillon, Edgerrin James, Tiki Barber, Rudi Johnson, LT, Portis, Droughns.
Finally a Superbowl champion, but not much else out of this group.

Jamal Lewis, Ahman Green, LT, Deuce McAllister, Portis.
Michael Pittman was 26th in the league in rushing, and wasn't a full time back with Mike Alstott in the mix.

You get the point. The Running Back position is overrated. You don't need a superstar, you don't even need a mediocre back. The Patriots won two Superbowls with a used and abused Antowain Smith as their Running Back.

And with what the Patriots have done without any marquee Wide Receiver, how long will it take for this article to apply to Wide Receivers as well?

Monday, January 15, 2007

12 Hours Later

Still basking in the glory of another Patriots win, a few things jump out at me that need to be commented on.

First: The officiating.

They flat out let "the boys" play yesterday - on both sides. Matt Light could have been called for holding a couple times, and the Chargers held Tedy Bruschi virtually every play. There were illegal contact penalties all over the field that weren't called on both sides.

I hope the Patriots realize that when the Colts are involved, there will be a phone call from Bill Polian to the NFL to "remind" them that they invented the illegal contact rule b/c of the Patriots. Look for a lot more yellow this coming Sunday.

Next: What is Marty-ball?

I know people try to say Marty-ball is being too conservative, or being too aggressive, or whatever....but here's my definition. Just being a bad coach.

Marty Schottenheimer is a bad game day coach. No ifs, ands, or buts, about it. Why pass up a 47 yard field goal to go for it on 4th and 10 in the 1st quarter - don't points matter? Look, you are what you are - and if you're conservative coach who takes points when they're there, that's not a bad thing.

But what is a bad thing, is when you change your entire outlook because of the media, or fans, or your GM's pressures. THAT makes you a bad coach - and THAT is MartyBall.

Who's better than Tom Brady?

This question rings true even after an absolute STINK BOMB of a game yesterday. He flat out sucked all game, except for two drives. To quote Jim Mora, Sr, "He couldn't do diddly pooh with the football" except for the last drive of the 1st half and the 2nd half.

He needs to play better this week against the Colts.

Partial Game-ball to James Sanders

Sanders has progressed to the point that you couldn't tell - from a game plan perspective - if Rodney Harrison was in the game or not yesterday. Sure, he missed a tackle on LT but in reality who hasn't, but he moved around, blitzed, covered WR's, covered TE's, supported the run, etc. just as the Patriots have Harrison do it. Great game for Sanders. the "new" #36.

Final F-you to LT

This is why dancing after a sack in the first quarter is lame....because it just pisses people off. And when you have a signature dance, you should expect the opposition to make fun of it, talk about it, etc.

So LT, you have nothing to say. The Patriots aren't classless for making fun of Merriman's dance, Merriman is classless for having a signature dance to begin with.

I mean how ridiculous does it much impact do you lose, when you're trying to "sound off" and you actually have to say the words "He made fun of Merriman's Lights Out dance." How ridiculous does that sound?????

You don't want people dancing to make fun of you after a game, don't come up with a lame-ass dance to begin with.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bring on the Colts

Some quick-hit reactions to this weeks performance from the greatest football team in the modern era:

- All week long I couldn't understand where this Marty-bashing came from. Well, I saw him in action. They have a shot to tie and possibly take the lead in this game if he has 1 timeout remaining at the end of the game. And the only reason he doesn't have any, is because he challenged an absolutely ridiculous play when the Chargers intercepted Brady and Troy Brown stripped it from him.

on Patriots 5th Quarter, Michael Felger said that Philip Rivers said he saw something on the jumbo-tron, and that he told Shottie to challenge that play. You just can't do that as a professional coach. If he loses his job this week, he should know that its deserved.

- The "You Suck" award goes to Ladanian Tomlinson. Be a man and shake an opponents hand after a game you loser. Sure, you had a great season...but your team choked it away. I didn't realize the MVP could start a fight after the game and nobody says a word to you. To LT, you suck.

What, you didn't like a visiting team celebrating on your field? Here's a tip: Don't run your mouth all week about how much you're going to kill them, don't have pep rallies like a high school team where your steroid freak outside linebacker gets the crowd to chant "Brady Sucks!"

- Troy Brown is the smartest football player in the NFL - nobody will convince me otherwise.

- Reche Caldwell, welcome back to Southern Cal.

- Adam who?

I'll have much more tomorrow morning, but its hard to type with this shit-eating grin on my face.

I'll leave you with this:

You saw plays made by a winning organization today - and you saw plays made by a losing organization today. I'm glad I support the winners and not the bunch of LOSERS.

Hows your own vomit taste San Diego? Choke it away, losers.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

NFL Picks: Divisional Playoff

Great weekend up in the northeastfor football as the weather kind of sucks, so there's no issues with hunkering down on the couch and taking in what should be 4 great games.

On to the picks:

Baltimore -4 vs Indianapolis:

I have gone back and forth on this one, which clearly shows my weakness. I'm buying into the Colts for absolutely no reason. The Ravens are a classic bad match up for this team. Manning played like CRAP last week and needed to play against the most pitiful playoff team in my lifetime, the Chiefs to sneak out with a win. Brian Billick won't simply run straight ahead time after time after telling the Colts all week long that's what they were going to do.

Baltimore wins and covers at home. Manning throws up all over himself again in January.

NO Saints -6 vs Philadelphia:

Phillie stinks. Nobody will convince me otherwise. They had to get lucky to beat the Giants last week, and the Giants stink as well. The Saints are legitimately good, blitzing Drew Brees shouldn't be effective, and I think Jeff Garcia comes down to earth in this one.

Lay the points, the Saints cover.

Chicago -9.5 vs Seattle:

This is just too many points to lay in a game that may have crappy weather. One fluke touchdown, or one bad pass from Grossman gives the Seahawks life to cover the number here. I don't think there is a snowballs chance in hell the Seahawks win this game, but my money is on the covering. Barely.

Last but not least: Patriots +4 @ San Diego.

Patriots win and cover. They shock an incredibly overconfident bunch from So-Cal.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Nifong is also an Embarassment

Duke Lacrosse prosecutor Mike Nifong has asked to step down from the case against the Duke Lacrosse players.

This, to me, is the ultimate joke. What a scumbag. Ruin 3 college kids lives, ruin a program, greatly negatively affect the rest of the teams lives (always branded as "Duke Lax" player), and run away when you realize you have no case.


Does it get any worse?

The San Diego Chargers are an Embarassment

1) Who has a pep rally for a professional team?
2) Who has a fight song (and a DISCO ONE at that) for a professional team?
3) Who can't sell out a Divisional Playoff game 3 days before it kicks off?

The Chargers, that's who.

And they are a JOKE.

All week long I've been saying that I really don't like the Patriots in this one. The Chargers are stacked, the Patriots have secondary questions. The game is being played in San Diego, and bye week teams win 75% of them.

Now you ask? Well, with Shawne Merriman doing his best Joey "I can't shut my mouth long enough to not piss off everybody" Porter impression, I'm not so sure.

Don't piss off the Patriots. Its very simple.

Full picks coming tomorrow, but 23-20 will be the final, in favor of the Patriots.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm Back Baby!

Now that my two days of misery are over, its time to recap what I missed.

- The Ohio State - Florida national championship game is being replayed on ESPN Classic as we speak and its amazing to me how one-sided this game really was. Can a 41-14 game still not indicate how one sided it is? I think this is living example of it. This game was over 4 seconds into the second quarter.

Why ESPN Classic? Classic ass-kicking?

- David Beckham is coming to the US for a quarter of a Billion dollars. Deval Patrick is pissed that he didn't go to the New England Revolution b/c the income tax on his salary alone would've paid for all of his cockamamie plans for Massachusetts.

I don't see how this is an ethical deal. How does the LA Galaxy have that kind of money? Is it just "funny money" like Drew Bledsoe's 100 million dollar contract that worked out to something like 17 million and a trip down I-90 to Buffalo? If I'm a betting man, the MLS got involved here and are paying a portion of this salary just to get a big name soccer player in this country.

I wonder though, isn't Beckham past his prime? He got booted off the English soccer team, and a guy like Zinedine Zedan is completely bald and like 40 years old, and he'd still play if he wanted. Is the MLS turning into the Senior's Tour of golf?

- Barry Bonds took drugs. Shocker. Wake me up when this turns into the "non-story" that Michael Jackson pedophilia stories have become. Big-time "YAWN" on this one.

- Duke rape accuser's story is once again inconsistent. I'm going to insert another "Shocker" here, but I am not tired of this story.

I love this story actually. These kids have been treated like hardened criminals since this ridiculous story came out. The Duke lax coach got fired and is now in Smithfield, Rhode Island. And this chick is STILL not being described as what she is. A PROSTITUTE.

She gets paid to have sex with guys. She may strip first, she may dance second, but the reality is that she's a hooker. Hookers don't have credibility. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. I'd bet almost anything that she felt disrespected (how that's possible, I don't know) in some manner and saw nothing but dollar signs.

I'll even go one step further, no threat at all. Dancing, stripping, banging a bunch of rich kids, why not take a shot and cry rape - could be worth some money for you.

And this DA can't get fired soon enough in my opinion.

That's about it for tonight....NFL picks tomorrow and more as the day goes along.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bobby Wade and the Titans are Dirty

Rodney Harrison update: Still out for this week's Divisional game against San Diego.

Bobby Wade update: Still a little bitch who took out a knee because he was too much of a pussy to block like a man.

Screw the Titans.

Miserable Two Days

Nothing throws off a blog more than a mandatory 2 day training session that you're being forced to attend. Its easy to blow off work for 20 minutes to type up a blog during the day, but its going to be hard to do this when I'm 1) offsite, and 2) without a computer.

So take some time to checkout the new barstoolsports magazine that came out today.

The cover model this week is insanely hot.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Who Cares About the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Does anybody? I know I certainly don't. Is there any more overrated story every year than the HOF vote?

Lets see here: the media, the biggest bunch of miserable losers pick their favorites to be "remembered" in the great hall. They each have different criteria. They each have their own agenda. I heard some guy today doesn't vote unanimously solely for the reason that to him, his standard superstar baseball player, Babe Ruth, didn't get a unanimous vote.

Its annoying to compare era's of any sport. Chamberlain vs Russell? Sure, you can argue that. Russell vs Jordan. No. Brady vs Montana? no. Jim Rice vs Mark McGwire? No.


Plus going to the HOF is overrated. Except for the cafe across the street that has great pulled pork sandwiches.

TGSP Top 10 Poll

The AP and Coaches polls are dead wrong this morning. Here's how they should read:

1. Florida
2. LSU
3. USC
4. Ohio State
5. Boise State
6. Louisville
7. Wisconsin
8. Auburn
9. West Virginia
10. Michigan

Congratulations to Notre Dame though, they finally beat a team that ended in the top 25 final rankings (Penn State).

Monday, January 08, 2007

BCS Title Game Reactions: The Big 10 STINKS

Tonight's game was fun for a while, then it just started to get boring. I mean how hard can you hammer the Big 10 right now? Their top two teams got absolutely destroyed in the bowl season. Wisconsin won a fluke game against Arkansas and Penn State hung with Tennessee long enough to pull it out. 2-5 on the bowl season for the Big 10.

I feel bad for Big 10 fans right now, so I'm going to make today's blog interactive. I have some questions for the Big 10 fans out there, you'll see as you read.

How one sided was this game?

- Ginn scored on a kick return with an EGREGIOUS holding penalty at the point of attack that wasn't called, it sprung him directly at the point of attack. No call.

They scored another touchdown on a drive in which they had one of the biggest pussy Roughing the Passer calls when Siler's forearm barely brushed against Troy Smith.

This game could legitimately be 30-0 at halftime.

- Florida got a sack from a guy who was playing without a helmet, and who suffered from seizures when he was a child.

Ok, interaction time:

Legitimate question for the 7 people who read this blog, did Ted Ginn get hurt during the celebration? I think he did. For real. When did he get hit in a manner that he'd get injured?

Ohio State came into this game completely over-confident. They got punched in the mouth and couldn't take it. 2 personal fouls in the first few minutes of the game.

The speed of the SEC was apparent in the Notre Dame - LSU game and tonight. I legitimately wonder if Ohio State ever saw it, even with Michigan. That is why the SEC is the top conference in the nation. No question about it.

Another legit question for the Big 10 people out there: At what point was Ohio State "playing for pride?" I what point did Troy Smith have to start yelling at people to "stay in the game, its all about pride" as they were clearly not going to have a prayer to win it. 2nd half? Late 1st quarter? My money is on after the fumble that Florida recovered and ran inside the 5.

Could Tim Teebow be the top RB in the Big 10? Its possible, isn't it?

I can't pile on. Really, I can't. They just showed like the 20th Ohio State fan crying in the stands so I'll leave it at that. For now.

Or, at least until the morning - when I can count my winnings.

Afternoon Update: Associated Press STILL Doesn't Get It

NFL All Pro team announced today, and the AP still seems to have its head shoved firmly up its ass. Shawne Merriman made the All Pro team.

Its amazing. They don't get it. The guy was on steroids. Admittedly took steroids.

What am I missing?

Go Gators

The SEC has a chance to end the debate of what conference is the best this year once and for all. Don't let anybody forget, if you're not a Gator, you're Gator Bait.

Go Gators.

Good Weekend All Around

Still recovering slightly from the 6 hours of being upright yesterday. The crowd didn't sit down during the Patriots game, and these old bones aren't used to that kind of physical exertion.

3-1 weekend for us on our NFL playoff picks, its just too bad in our pool we failed to properly select the Cowboys, so instead we had the Seahawks, and that sucked. Look for more winners this weekend - I tend to start out like a banshee on these things, and fail later on (see: Picks, Bowl games), so ride the early wave before I get full of myself.

Can somebody explain to me how John Runyan can kick the shit out of 3 guys after the whistle, only to have that negated by one shot by the Giants? The announcers legitimately thought John Runyan may get tossed from the game and instead you had offsetting personal fouls. Lame. No balls out of Carrolo's crew on that one.

Jeff Triplett did a game this weekend, so he's done for the playoffs I believe. What that tells me is that his crew is slipping. Last year they got the Divisional round between the Pats and Broncos. This year he slips to the wildcard round, and next year my money is that crew seeing a whole lot of time in Detroit, Houston, Oakland, and Arizona. The game on Saturday was in a dome, yet Triplett still looked and sounded like he was outside.

Bobby Petrino took the Atlanta Falcons job yesterday. For the life of me I don't understand this one at all. Obviously he took the money, even though Mo Vaughn insists "its not about the money," but why Atlanta? He's going to try to make Michael Vick play in his drop-back style system? This is going to go HORRIBLY wrong. Mark my words.

Matt Schaub will play the majority of snaps next year for the Falcons. Book it.

More updates today as we have the time.

Buckeyes are Gator Bait tonight by the way.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weekend Update, Ultimate Tailgate

Just an unreal tailgate at the Patriots game today. oysters rockefeller, scallops in bacon, bbq wings, unreal ribs, steak, steak tips, it was all good. And a trip to the McDonalds stand at halftime for chicken mcnuggets and french fries, "just because (naturally got a Diet Coke, don't want to go overboard). "

I was planning to talk about the Patriots game to start today's notes, but I couldn't resist mentioning the fact that Fox just spent 5 minutes during the Eagles-Giants game talking about Eli Mannings dumbfounded look on his face is too funny to make up. He's had that look on his face for his entire career. Its called a lack of a "game face," and its part of the reason why he will NEVER win anything of merit. You can see him saying "Dang, shucks, golly gee" as he bobs his head back and forth, can't you?

24 on Fox next Sunday, in case you didn't know. Its a good show.

Some notes from the Patriots game:

- Gillete Stadium today was electric. It was the loudest I've heard it, and it was sustained for longer than I've ever seen. Great job Patriots fans.

- Can stadium security systems look for guys being homo's in the stands as well as looking for people who are up to no good? Some stiff kid in front of me today spend the entire game gazing into his girlfriends eyes while they rubbed their backs at the same time. It was gross.

- And the kids behind me who screamed at officials all game long was annoying as hell. Legitimately arguing against a false start penalty. How is that possible?

Next Sunday.....on Fox. 24. Its a good show. Starts in a week. Not sure if you knew that.

- Is it just me, or are NFL teams employing a very "j/v" strategy with substitution packages this year. I never remembered seeing teams hurry up to snap the ball to catch the other team in a 12 men on the field penalty, or the QB just falls down to get an offsides penalty. I don't remember it happening as much as it has lately. Maybe its just because of the specialized substitutions that go on in the NFL much more than normal.

- Florida is going to shock the world tomorrow. Nobody gives them a chance in this one. I, for one, think it is going to be a phenomenal contest.

- Is it just me, or are too many football players dying in too many strange ways these days. Bad things usually happen in 3's.....what's next?

- I don't understand how Tom Coughlin has the reputation of being a disciplinarian, yet the Giants average about 15 penalties per game. This is atrocious. They just held on a screen pass BEFORE the screen was set up. 1st and 30. Coach Ewald doesn't have a lot to call on 1st and 30.

- Finally, last but not least. Jackie McMullan is a horrible individual. I wonder how long she did research before she wrote her piece today about Asante Samuel and his contract. He's had 10 INT's for a couple weeks now, and has been virtually unthrowable to all season long. So she writes the article on the day of the first playoff game. This is why the Boston media sucks.

Go Patriots

No real update today as I'm about to head to Gillette Stadium to watch the Patriots beat the Jets.

I would like to point out that I consider my picks yesterday as 2 for 2. Because as far as I'm concerned, the Cowboys won that game.

My prediction right now: That will be Tony Romo's "Nick Anderson" moment. He will never be the same.

Friday, January 05, 2007

NFL Wildcard Weekend, Game Previews

This weekend the NFL takes center stage of the football world with the first round of the playoffs, Wildcard weekend.

thatguysports has the breakdown the way I see them for all the match ups.

Indianapolis -7 vs Kansas City
The "hot" upset pick this weekend...and for good reason. The Colts can't stop the run, the Chiefs can run the ball well. Larry Johnson is a workhorse, and the Colts can't stop the run. Have you heard that the Colts can't stop the run?

Question: Can the Chiefs stop the Colts? I say no. Not even close.

This game will go just like the Cincy game a few weeks ago. You'll be nervous as a Colts fan for the first quarter. Then you'll realize that Trent Green is the KC Quarterback, and at some point he'll have to throw the football. The reality of this game is that the Chief's have to score on every possession, and that's just not going to happen. I read somewhere last week that Indy wants to have 10 possessions per game, and score on 5 of them. 3 TD's and 2 FG's. Thats 27 points.

You tell me how KC puts 28 on the board. Even if they DO run the ball. Indy wins and covers.

Seattle -2 1/2 vs Cowboys

The battle of no defense. Seattle's GM called me this morning to play Corner for them, that's how bad their injury situation is at Cornerback. And Dallas has TO opposite Terry Glenn. Conversely, Dallas has issues covering anybody with their first team defensive players; so where do we go for this one?

Here's what I look at, Seattle's Offensive Line stinks. They lost players to Free Agency and injury from last year's Superbowl runner up squad, its just not the same. Dallas plays well on the road, and played in a very tough division (NFC East, 3 playoff teams). Dallas covers the # on the road, perhaps winning outright. Dalls +2 1/2

New York Football Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles -7

I know what you're thinking. No brainer, right? NYG only needed to win 1 of its last 3 games because the stars aligned and everybody lost that they needed to. Their QB stinks, Strahan is hurt, Kiwianuka lets QB's run away from him without tackling them, their Defense stinks, and their coach is just about out. Oh and their #1 WR hates getting hit, and their TE wants the ball all game long whether he's open or not.

On the other side of the ball are the Eagles. The "story" this postseason. Rise from the rags of losing Donovan McNabb. Stout defense, attacking defense, and raucous home crowd on their side.

Here's what I know about the Giants though, 8-8 is not a wonderful record. But have you looked at their schedule? They have played playoff teams 9 times this year. 2 of their division mates made the playoffs, but of their non-divisional opponents, half their games were against playoff teams. The Eagles? 2 fewer games against playoff teams. That Giants schedule was BRUTAL.

The Giants beat Philadelphia in Phillie this year, early in the year, granted. But I just don't see this game having a touchdown differential. Phillie may win, but they don't cover. Giants +7 is the play here.

Finally, the Mangenius vs the Mad Genius (thanks to the Post for that one).

NY Jets @ New England Patriots (-8 1/2)

Take the Patriots to win. Take the Jets to cover. The back door is WIIIIDE open with this one. Pats will dominate this game, and win in a classic "score not indicative of the game" Patriots manner. It happens all the time, quite frankly.

The Patriots are pissed, but at a certain point, Belichick will call off the dogs and allow the time to roll off the clock.

Jets to cover, Patriots to win. Good luck all.

Let's Put Our Heads Together

Mike Freeeman of has his "all selfish" list today; its a good read.

This jumped out at me immediately.

Media entry. The NFL analyst who shall not be named that took a picture of his
penis with a cell phone camera and has shown it to numerous, uncomfortable
women, then was suspended by his network for it. Absolute true story. Please
make sure to clean off the mirror when you are done with it.

I need my readers (all 7 of you) to help me out with this one. Who got suspended this year from an NFL broadcasting team? It says analyst, so it could be studio, or I suppose color commentary is possible.

Lets figure this one out. You've got NFL Channel, ESPN, CBS, NBC, HBO to be exact with who has NFL broadcasting teams.

Nobody that I know of on NFL channel came or went, same is said for CBS, NBC, or HBO. So my money is on ESPN. Was Jaws on the main countdown team all year long? Or did he replace somebody?

Lets get to the bottom of this.

Thanks to shoota for sending this in (Shoota currently leading the "credits" statistic for this blog).

Don Shula: Shut the Up.

Don Shula sounded off about Nick Saban yesterday. It was more typical drivel from the senile "super coach" as he is obviously doubly bent at Alabama for firing his idiot kid and hiring Saban away from his beloved Dolphins.

Does Shula know that Miami hasn't been relevant since Dave Wansteidt failed to win anything of importance after doing well during the regular season? If it weren't for the Quarterback position in Buffalo, Miami would be most useless team in the AFC East.

Some of Shula's comments:

• That Saban let the Dolphins down: "He has run
away from the challenge."
• That Saban lied: "It's
unbelievable. There were four or five direct statements that were blatant lies.
That tells you a little bit about the guy."
• That Saban quit: "That's obvious. He quit. He
• That Saban is a fraud: "What other conclusion
can you draw? The guy likes to hear himself talk and then doesn't follow up on
what he says."

Wow, an NFL coach didn't tell his secrets and "lied" to cover them up. That never happens Don. Earth to Shula, if somebody asks Bill Belichick today if he's going to throw or run more this Sunday, my bet is that he lies about it.

On Saban "quitting," um, who wouldn't quit that situation? He got paid more money, for longer years, to work 1/2 the amount. Yeah that's a difficult thing to comprehend right Don.

The facts are this: Miami sucks, the franchise sucks, their stadium sucks, their facilities suck. Mike Shula was fired a year after a 10-2 season because he's lost 5 straight to Auburn, and that 10-2 season SHOULD have been 11-1 and a shot at the BCS if he wasn't the most conservative coach in he world. He got fired for playing to tie against Arkansas and losing in OT. He got fired for throwing throughout the entire first half against Florida, taking a lead, and sitting on it only to cough it up in the 2nd half. He got fired for running on 1st and 10, 2nd and 7, and only trying to throw on 3rd and 6.

Shula coaches in the SEC like he is coaching a C-level Pop Warner team. Iso doesn't work as the first play every game. And throwing doesn't work when its obvious you're going to throw. Other than that, Shula did a great job.

So there you have it Don. Move on. Sit tight for the next few months and when the first NFL team goes 4-0 next year, you can have your little interviews about the '72 undefeated season.

Your kid is going to coach in Jacksonville next year, so you can start calling Del Rio to whine and cry if he doesn't get his way from now on.

Roll TIDE Roll

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Reactions to ND-LSU

Obviously all of us at thatguysports (us = me) are elated at the result last night. The only thing I could have wished for was for ND to give their fans more false hope that they were going to show that they can play with LSU and the SEC.

Even though the score was close at halftime, you just knew it was only a matter of time. LSU did virtually whatever it wanted, whenever it wanted. They even played against 17 guys for most of the game, as it was clear that this Big 12 officiating crew had more Irish than Tiger in them.

But in the end, good'ol Notre Dame showed again why they're the most overrated football team in the land. Can somebody inform Jeff Samardsajsakdfaw that a catch for a first down isn't really worth the "ball throw" at people...especially when you're the underdog?

One legitimate question for the ND Pantywipes that I know read thatguysports: Do you think Charlie Weiss has been a little exposed this year? Here's what I mean. Numerous 4th down attempts vs USC. Failed fake punt attempt last night, and an inability to get away from the game plan, which was 1) obviously throw at LSU corners, and 2) was obviously not working.

I don't understand his "balls to the wall" style. I get that players may like it, and fans may like it, but it only works against the inferior competition that ND typically plays. You can go for it on 4 4th downs against Army. A fake punt against UNC in the 1st drive of the game works. Running the same fade to the endzone hoping for Samardzja to outleap the corner works when you play teams w/ shitty corners. But it doesn't work against top competition.

So Charlie Weiss, exposed, or not exposed?

I say exposed.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Serious Question

Does the Notre Dame leprechaun have an automatic "in" as the Boston Celtics Leprechaun when he graduates ND?

Is it like a co-op program?