Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Full Day Hiatus

Another sales conference (yeah 4 in 6 business days - that's fun), will prevent me from putting up an update tomorrow.

Some notes to tide you over for the day:

- Akida MaClean and Sean Williams tossed from the BC mens hoop team. I'll find out the real story as soon as I can (probably tomorrow when I can't post) but the rumor is that smoking grass on a daily basis is frowned upon at the heights.

BC will finish worse than UMass this year.

- I still hate Bill Polian.

- Simmons absolutely crushes all NFL Playoff momentum with an NBA article about the Suns today - hopefully nobody reads it. The NBA sucks - This blog is about 2 weeks away from coming to a crashing halt until baseball and NFL draft stuff. The NBA just blows.

- Write off the Chargers next year. Schottenheimer is being kept on. Good chance he gets tossed mid-season. Mark it down.

- The Red Sox still don't have a closer.

Coming on Friday....more ways the Patriots will beat the Colts and some insight to the NFC.

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