Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Onto the Colts

Enough with the cry-baby Chargers, I think its clear that they need to adjust their tampons.

So far this week the media frenzy is 1) typically heightened as its another Brady-Manning battle, and 2) typically slanted towards the Colts.

I'm not going to underestimate the home field for the Colts, but the reality is that in the AFC title game, home field means nothing. Its nearly a 50/50 win/win for the home and road team throughout history...and the Patriots are 8-1 on the road this year.

Some things the media is missing out on in my opinion:

Too much emphasis on their first meeting.

Why do I say this exactly?

1. Rodney Harrison got hurt in this game, and James Sanders didn't have the experience that would allow Belichick to open up his defensive playbook. I'd argue that Sanders wasn't really "let loose" until this past week against San Diego when he was blitzed, rushed, covered backs, covered receivers, etc. He was asked to be Rodney Harrison in their schemes, for the first time all year. When Harrison got hurt in the game, the Patriots moved to a very vanilla scheme. They won't have that this week...they'll change it up more than they did.

2. Asante Samuel wasn't the player then that he is today. I can see it now, Harrison baits Manning into one of the INT's that Ty Law baited him into in the '03 AFC title game. He is now a shutdown corner, and Manning is just pig-headed enough to test him.

3. 5 Turnovers. The Patriots turned it over 5 times and only lost by 7 points. Does anybody think the Patriots are going to do that again this week?

Not enough emphasis on the Colts season, too much emphasis on their last two weeks.

I actually heard Adam Schefter on talk radio this morning make the statement that Peyton Manning doesn't have to win games for the Colts anymore, he just has to not lose them.

Possibly the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Look, the Colts Defense played well last week and the week before. But they did it against the two worst, and most one dimensional offenses that made the playoffs. The Chief's stink, Trent Green stinks, the Ravens have no weapons, and Steve McNair is atrocious. No more needs to be said.

If the Colts think their defense is going to hold the Patriots to the points that they held the Cheifs and Ravens to, this one is over at the half. This defense still got gashed by the Houston Texans two weeks after the Patriots destroyed them in Foxborough.

Brady played poor last week.

No way he lays another stinker this week. Oh and he hasn't lost in a dome.

Tony Dungy is overrated.

I believe he is the 2nd most winning-est coach in NFL history without coaching in a Superbowl. Why does he not get the same heat that Marty Schottenhemer receives?


Anonymous said...


Is this a Patriots homer sight or what? I commend your efforts and best of luck, but James Sanders is not covering m/m on te's,backs,wr's. He is primarily a box safety who is physical and is adequate playing 1/2's in the deep part of the field.

Asante Samuel is a very good corner but he can't run/recover vs. the likes of Wayne/Harrison. Those guys will get on top of him

That Guy said...

On Sunday Sanders did all things you mentioned that he doesn't do.

Samuel runs a lot better than Ty Law does, and Law had two picks two weeks ago.

Manning will throw one to it.

Scott said...

That Guy, actually Samuel had a real good game in the 1st meeting this year. He was on Harrison most of the game. It was Wayne who killed Hobbs and then it was Hobbs guarding Harrison on that ridiculous TD. Asante played well then and he'll play even better this weekend.

The Pats need a great game from Ellis Hobbs this week. Not an adequate game. Not a "made a couple plays, but gave up a couple big plays." They need a Asante Samuel type performance or else Reggie Wayne is going to have a field day, much like he did vs. Darrent Williams.