Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Typical National Game Involving Notre Dame

That is a horrendous reversal in a HUGE spot in this game.

Lets do the math here, Notre Dame on national TV, hasn't won a bowl game in a 9 year olds lifetime, lucky to be in this one for as long as they are just throws a HUGE pick.

oh what do we have here, a "too quick" review process where the ref doesn't even see the clear angle that shows that the ball never hit the ground.

This reeks worse than when the BCS fixed the Ohio State - Miami National Title Game because the Big 10 hadn't won a national title by having to play non-Big 10 teams in order to do so.

AND THE FOOTBALL GODS RIGHT THE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice throw Brady, you'll look good in Black and Silver.

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