Thursday, January 04, 2007

Reactions to ND-LSU

Obviously all of us at thatguysports (us = me) are elated at the result last night. The only thing I could have wished for was for ND to give their fans more false hope that they were going to show that they can play with LSU and the SEC.

Even though the score was close at halftime, you just knew it was only a matter of time. LSU did virtually whatever it wanted, whenever it wanted. They even played against 17 guys for most of the game, as it was clear that this Big 12 officiating crew had more Irish than Tiger in them.

But in the end, good'ol Notre Dame showed again why they're the most overrated football team in the land. Can somebody inform Jeff Samardsajsakdfaw that a catch for a first down isn't really worth the "ball throw" at people...especially when you're the underdog?

One legitimate question for the ND Pantywipes that I know read thatguysports: Do you think Charlie Weiss has been a little exposed this year? Here's what I mean. Numerous 4th down attempts vs USC. Failed fake punt attempt last night, and an inability to get away from the game plan, which was 1) obviously throw at LSU corners, and 2) was obviously not working.

I don't understand his "balls to the wall" style. I get that players may like it, and fans may like it, but it only works against the inferior competition that ND typically plays. You can go for it on 4 4th downs against Army. A fake punt against UNC in the 1st drive of the game works. Running the same fade to the endzone hoping for Samardzja to outleap the corner works when you play teams w/ shitty corners. But it doesn't work against top competition.

So Charlie Weiss, exposed, or not exposed?

I say exposed.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean by exposed? Do you mean that he isn't a good coach?

That Guy said...

Saying he "isn't a good coach" i think is extreme, but perhaps "not as good as previously thought." or "not the automatic national champion" that ND fans think he is.

Maybe he needs some help with game management?

bigfin said...

I'm not ready to question Weis' ability as a coach as I think his team's records and Superbowl rings over his career speak for themselves. I don't think that ND would have won if Vince Lombardi was coaching them last night. LSU was simply a much better every aspect of the game. For the record, as an ND fan, I personally don't think Weis is going to make ND an "automatic national champion". I think he'll make the program better and help, landing Clausen. But until the Irish get more talent on their team overall, they are going to be a top 25 team, not a top 5 team. I just hope Charlie doesn't jump ship to the New York Football Giants.

That Guy said...

I think Clausen is great for ND. I mean his brothers did so well at UT.

Anonymous said...

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