Monday, January 15, 2007

12 Hours Later

Still basking in the glory of another Patriots win, a few things jump out at me that need to be commented on.

First: The officiating.

They flat out let "the boys" play yesterday - on both sides. Matt Light could have been called for holding a couple times, and the Chargers held Tedy Bruschi virtually every play. There were illegal contact penalties all over the field that weren't called on both sides.

I hope the Patriots realize that when the Colts are involved, there will be a phone call from Bill Polian to the NFL to "remind" them that they invented the illegal contact rule b/c of the Patriots. Look for a lot more yellow this coming Sunday.

Next: What is Marty-ball?

I know people try to say Marty-ball is being too conservative, or being too aggressive, or whatever....but here's my definition. Just being a bad coach.

Marty Schottenheimer is a bad game day coach. No ifs, ands, or buts, about it. Why pass up a 47 yard field goal to go for it on 4th and 10 in the 1st quarter - don't points matter? Look, you are what you are - and if you're conservative coach who takes points when they're there, that's not a bad thing.

But what is a bad thing, is when you change your entire outlook because of the media, or fans, or your GM's pressures. THAT makes you a bad coach - and THAT is MartyBall.

Who's better than Tom Brady?

This question rings true even after an absolute STINK BOMB of a game yesterday. He flat out sucked all game, except for two drives. To quote Jim Mora, Sr, "He couldn't do diddly pooh with the football" except for the last drive of the 1st half and the 2nd half.

He needs to play better this week against the Colts.

Partial Game-ball to James Sanders

Sanders has progressed to the point that you couldn't tell - from a game plan perspective - if Rodney Harrison was in the game or not yesterday. Sure, he missed a tackle on LT but in reality who hasn't, but he moved around, blitzed, covered WR's, covered TE's, supported the run, etc. just as the Patriots have Harrison do it. Great game for Sanders. the "new" #36.

Final F-you to LT

This is why dancing after a sack in the first quarter is lame....because it just pisses people off. And when you have a signature dance, you should expect the opposition to make fun of it, talk about it, etc.

So LT, you have nothing to say. The Patriots aren't classless for making fun of Merriman's dance, Merriman is classless for having a signature dance to begin with.

I mean how ridiculous does it much impact do you lose, when you're trying to "sound off" and you actually have to say the words "He made fun of Merriman's Lights Out dance." How ridiculous does that sound?????

You don't want people dancing to make fun of you after a game, don't come up with a lame-ass dance to begin with.


ZBalls said...

Merriman now has the distinction of being the biggest donkey in football. I love that Colvin was yelling into the Chargers locker room after the game. Also, what's more classless? Headbutting someone to cost your team 15 yards or talking trash and dancing after a game?

Shoota said...

Merriman was doing his dance when he didn't even make a play. But the quote from Tomlinson was great. Sounded so stupid. Apparently shaving, 'LIGHTS OUT' into your hair isn't classless either. So far, I think the classiest thing Merriman has shown is the black tank top he wore on the PATS/JETS half time interview. When he said the Jets really showed something by keeping the pats 'off the scoreboard' during the first half by liminting them to SEVENTEEN POINTS!!

Estonianzulu said...

Don't defend the Pat's by saying Shawne Merriman doesn't have class. So what if he doesn't; that's no excuse for what the Patriots did.

Their entire team ran out onto the middle of the field just to rub dirt in the wounds of the Chargers. If the Pats had been gracious winners (that term again!) and LT had reacted in the way he did, then I would understand. But after having your dream season crushed by the constant winners, and then having them mock you, I would be pissed too.

Remember, celebrating on the other team's logo is a bad idea-

Remember what happened soon after that? The Pats deserved it too.

That Guy said...

wait, so should there be an imaginary bubble around the logo?

THE GAME ENDED. Thats the only reason they were on the logo.

Not even a LITTLE bit like the TO thing in Dallas.

Shoota said...

Right, very different than TO. He ran 50 yards to the middle of the field to celebrate. And I think it was the second time in that game he did somehitng like that when the defender ran after him. Do you really think that Pats should have done nothing. All week long the Pats said and did the right things, didn't give any "billboard material". While the Chargers were the ones who were very cocky in all of their interviews. The Patriots had every right to celebrate in front of them. There's no way SD should get away with that w/o the Pats letting them know they better win something before the try to do that. And I wasn't defending what the Pats did by saying Merriman had no class. I was saying it seemed hypocritical for them to continue to say they were classless when they all say that their teammate has an actual dance that he does. How is what the Pats did any more classless than his "lights out dance". And finally, something tells me they did a little more celebrating than they care to remember when they beat the Pats in '04.

Shoota said...

This is From Tom Curran's article form the ProJo after the Chargers beat them in Foxboro

01:00 AM EDT on Monday, October 3, 2005
Journal Sports Writer

One after the other, sweaty, smiling members of the San Diego Chargers walked through the massive concrete artery that leads to the visitors locker room in Gillette Stadium.

As they walked, tearing grass-stained tape from their hands, they gloated aloud about their just-finished, 41-17 hammering of the New England Patriots.

"That's a [butt]-whipping," said defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.

"21-1, now," tackle Leander Jordan announced, referring to the Patriots' punctured 21-game home winning streak.

"[Bleep] New England and their team," suggested cornerback Drayton Florence. Florence then said to the collection of onlookers in the hallway. "Get the look of shock off your faces. Don't be shocked. We beat your [butt]."

Estonianzulu said...

Apples and Oranges, if LT was upset by what was said after the Pats had left the field by some adrenaline charged player who had just been involved in beating the world champions, then i would think he was being a sore looser.

He is instead being upset because of planned team celebration which did not celebrate the victory of the Pats, instead it rubbed the loss into the faces of the Chargers. The pats did not say "Look how great we are, yay we won." Instead they said "You suck, and now we proved it".

Shoota said...

I really do not believe what the Pats did was a planned celebration. That was a spontanious show of emotion by the team. The dance is far more contrived and planned out. Do You think he's celebrating a sack that helped his team there or is he bringing attention to, "hey look what I did. I knocked the quarterback on his ass. Everyone look at me." And if you don't think there were worse things said in the course of the game between players form both teams you're crazy.

That Guy said...

The Chargers apparently not only introduce individual players, but they do so with nicknames and individual dances.

They're ASKING a visiting team to humiliate them if/when they beat them.

mh said...

to paraphrase AI:

We talkin' bout a celebration dance? A celebration dance? Not a game, not a game, not a game, but a celebration dance? A celebration dance?