Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Roll Tide Roll, Vinsanity Rookie of the Year, and Other Items

Lots to get to today as work was especially busy.

- First and foremost I've been emailed all day from people asking me to post about Nick Saban returning to the SEC. Obviously I'm elated. Here's why though, I'm more glad that there should be some stability in Tuscaloosa than anything else.

Saban was the only big named coach that I could think of that in my opinion isn't going to leave Alabama in a couple of years. Where is he going to go? He clearly is done with the NFL. He's at one of the most storied programs in the country. He's not going anywhere.

Jim Grobe, Bobby Petrino, if they build Alabama back to prominence, they're gone to the NFL in a heartbeat. Saban, in my view, is sticking around. And that's a great thing.

- My buddies at barstoolsports covered this today in detail, but I quite frankly can NOT believe Vince Young is this year's Rookie of the Year. What am I missing? 30th in QB rating this year. THIRTIETH. More INT's than TD's. 9-3 record, sure, I'll give him that. But who did he beat? Houston twice (OT for one), Buffalo, Jax, Phillie, Indianapolis, and Washington. Two quality wins? Losses to Baltimore, Jax, Colts, and Dallas?

Compare this to my pick, Marques Colston. 19th leading receiver in the NFL. That's at a position that is arguably as talented as ever. More yards than Hines Ward, Plaxico Burress, Darrell Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Antonio Gates. While missing two games with an injury. Came out of nowhere, and became an integral part of one of the best stories in football.

I don't get it. I simply don't understand what the voters looked at in this one.

- A 13-17 record would make my knee and hip hurt too Pat. Maybe when Shaq comes back you can too?

- Can sporting events just put a moratorium on involving Muhammad Ali in it? Seriously, just let the guy relax. What do people get excited about? He stammers out, shakes a ton, and leaves. And he looks like he's in dire pain when he does it.

By no means am I discounting Muhammad Ali. He's the greatest of all time. But I think its reached the point that he doesn't need to be out in front of 60,000 rabid fans.

Him, and Dick Clark. Sit back and relax guys, you've done your part.

- New York Giants 23- Philadelphia Eagles 21 on Sunday. You heard it here first.

That's it for now folks, more to come tonight during the game.



Estonianzulu said...

Hmm, interesting takes. You would think that Saban would have stood by LSU, especially riding the wave of success the Tigers had. Im not a Saban fan, though I would put LSU amoung the more likable of the SEC teams.

One of the reasons Vince Young was given the award is because who else is there on his team? Colston has had an amazing season, but with Drew Brees back there being godlike, and a rushing offense that kept most teams blocking up front, it isn't a surprise. Young did a lot on his own. I dont have any love for the Titans after the incident with McNair; but even I have to recognize the work VY has done.

Ward's Steelers were a joke for half the season, Burress and the Giants are always overrated, Jackson played with a back up QB for part of the season, and Fitzgerald also missed 3 games due to injury (and played much of the season with a rookie QB).

That Guy said...

I hear your points, but when I think of Rookie of the Year I just think VY didn't deserve it. He was the 30th rated QB. Thats horrendous. He threw more picks than TD's.

This to me, should've been a close race between Jones-Drew and Colston, with VY stealing the Tennessee and Texas voters. IMO.

Scott said...

I'd have voted for Jones-Drew. When you are 30th rated passer, you don't deserve any award.