Thursday, January 25, 2007

I love Gilbert Arenas

First there was this article in which Gilbert Arenas revealed that he had a company mimic the thin air that you'd find at high altitudes so that he can perform better in normal air,

"I had to put a tent in one room, and then they are going to come during
training camp and fix the whole house," Arenas said. "Then I have a portable
tent I'm taking on the road."
You read that right. Taking a tent to change his climate on the road. Priceless.

Then he talked a little more about his quirks in his day to day life. Things like walking his dogs on a treadmill to ensure they get proper exercise, and the fact that he used to play online poker at halftime of his games is absolutely hysterical.

And now there's this. Ever since he was cut from the US Olympic team he's had it out for Coach K and any coach associated with his staff. He dropped 54 on the Suns and Olympic assistant coach Mike D'Antoni, and said he couldn't wait to score over 50 against other assistant coach Nate McMillan of Portland.

But what would he do against coach K and Duke?

"One college game that's five fouls, right? ... 40-minute game at Duke, they got
soft rims I'd probably score 84 or 85. I wouldn't pass the ball. I wouldn't even
think about passing it. It would be like a NBA Live or an NBA 2K7 game, you just
shoot with one person,"

I love it. Not only specific about 84 or 85 (not 80...not 70...not a round number) but 84 or 85, and associating it to a video game.

I love the "I could score x if I went back into time." Great argument. Personally, I don't think I'd score more if I went back to play high school hoops, but I think I'd be a monster on the boards. I feel like the heavier I got the better I boxed out. Like Barkley. And my mental advantage over the high school kids would allow me to play the angles better to get to the ball. I think I'd average a double double if I went back to play. 10 points, tops......but at least 12-18 rebounds per game.

And I'd be a dominant pulling guard if it was football. Which is insane because I played Wide Receiver in college.

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