Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Will the Northeast be Involved in March Madness

Take a look around at the teams that typically are factors on a national landscape in college hoops in the Northeast. See something a little different than normal?

Yeah, they all stink.

Syracuse, UConn, Boston College are all borderline tournament teams. UConn could legitimately not make the Big East tourney. Sure, BC is what, 6-1 in the ACC right now, but their next 6 games are brutal, oh and two of their top 5 players just got tossed for smoking the sticky-icky.

UConn plays something like 8 Freshman and 3 high school kids, so they're too young to really compete (seriously, there's a shot they don't make the Big East

Syracuse is competing in the Big East but its not like they're a national factor.

The only ranked team in the Northeast is Pittsburgh, and I'm not even sure people think about them. Besides don't they usually win early and then choke?

Regardless, is there any team from the northeast that we should even consider this year? I don't think so.


Shoota said...

But seriously...could you believe who Jack's brother was...INSANE...

uvmcat said...

uh.. the Catamounts?