Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Who Cares About the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Does anybody? I know I certainly don't. Is there any more overrated story every year than the HOF vote?

Lets see here: the media, the biggest bunch of miserable losers pick their favorites to be "remembered" in the great hall. They each have different criteria. They each have their own agenda. I heard some guy today doesn't vote unanimously solely for the reason that to him, his standard superstar baseball player, Babe Ruth, didn't get a unanimous vote.

Its annoying to compare era's of any sport. Chamberlain vs Russell? Sure, you can argue that. Russell vs Jordan. No. Brady vs Montana? no. Jim Rice vs Mark McGwire? No.


Plus going to the HOF is overrated. Except for the cafe across the street that has great pulled pork sandwiches.


ZBalls said...

I think Rob Neyer is writing a column today on ESPN about how Tim Raines should definately be a Hall of Famer. You should check it out. He makes a strong case.

Bobby said...

Actually I think baseball is the only sport that you can compare eras since the game itself hasn't changed all that much over time. I know 'roids have changed things a bit... but I still think Ruth would be one of the best players in the game today. Would Russell be able to dominate the NBA?