Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm Back Baby!

Now that my two days of misery are over, its time to recap what I missed.

- The Ohio State - Florida national championship game is being replayed on ESPN Classic as we speak and its amazing to me how one-sided this game really was. Can a 41-14 game still not indicate how one sided it is? I think this is living example of it. This game was over 4 seconds into the second quarter.

Why ESPN Classic? Classic ass-kicking?

- David Beckham is coming to the US for a quarter of a Billion dollars. Deval Patrick is pissed that he didn't go to the New England Revolution b/c the income tax on his salary alone would've paid for all of his cockamamie plans for Massachusetts.

I don't see how this is an ethical deal. How does the LA Galaxy have that kind of money? Is it just "funny money" like Drew Bledsoe's 100 million dollar contract that worked out to something like 17 million and a trip down I-90 to Buffalo? If I'm a betting man, the MLS got involved here and are paying a portion of this salary just to get a big name soccer player in this country.

I wonder though, isn't Beckham past his prime? He got booted off the English soccer team, and a guy like Zinedine Zedan is completely bald and like 40 years old, and he'd still play if he wanted. Is the MLS turning into the Senior's Tour of golf?

- Barry Bonds took drugs. Shocker. Wake me up when this turns into the "non-story" that Michael Jackson pedophilia stories have become. Big-time "YAWN" on this one.

- Duke rape accuser's story is once again inconsistent. I'm going to insert another "Shocker" here, but I am not tired of this story.

I love this story actually. These kids have been treated like hardened criminals since this ridiculous story came out. The Duke lax coach got fired and is now in Smithfield, Rhode Island. And this chick is STILL not being described as what she is. A PROSTITUTE.

She gets paid to have sex with guys. She may strip first, she may dance second, but the reality is that she's a hooker. Hookers don't have credibility. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. I'd bet almost anything that she felt disrespected (how that's possible, I don't know) in some manner and saw nothing but dollar signs.

I'll even go one step further, no threat at all. Dancing, stripping, banging a bunch of rich kids, why not take a shot and cry rape - could be worth some money for you.

And this DA can't get fired soon enough in my opinion.

That's about it for tonight....NFL picks tomorrow and more as the day goes along.


Anonymous said...

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice...” well you know the rest.

Crystal (i.e. lying prostitute) has to not only remember what she said, she has to rely on a memory that was clouded by booze. She has to remember several versions of what seems like separate stories while worrying not to say anything that could get DA Nifong a chance to dump this whole mess right back on her.

Nifong has to work with no evidence that supports his wild claims of a rape, while trying to exit this case without ending up in prison or loosing his shirt in civil court.

They would have to be geniuses to weave their way out of this web of lies; thus far neither has shown to be any kind of genius.

scott said...

its a desperate attempt by the MLS. i dont think any of the teams actually have that money...i'm sure it's backed by corporations. they said it included "endorsements."

the MLS's plan shouldn't involve stuffing him down the non-fan's throat and force feeding people who don't like soccer to like it. it'll never happen in this country. They're best chance is to promote to kids.

This is going to be like every other time America tried to do something big with soccer. It'll be interesting for a couple weeks, and then the common person will go back to not watching.

And honestly, how much impact is he going to have out there? Score a couple goals? It's not like he's going to have his way out there and score at will.

bigfin said...

I was told by my soccer coach when I was 8 years old that "in ten years, soccer is going to be huge in America". Ten years later, I was told the same thing in high school by all the soccer players. Kickball will never be big in America no matter how much they try to market it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe now we can see an end to soccer the theory soccer will be as big as baseball. MLS by paying this guy 250 million will most assuredly have the same results as those fabled leagues WHA and the WFL. Those leagues paid too much for players and folded. I can only hope. Soccer Sucks!!!!

j said...

beckham coming to the states is just like what Pele did back in the 70's. It will be interesting, he'll score a few amazing goals, and no one will care.

His wife, Posh Spice, will probably garner more attention, because she'll appear on oprah, have her own show and end up having an affair with Tom Cruise.

Bottom line is that the 250 million would have been better spent elsewhere, but the folks at MLS are true believers. I played soccer through college, and its time for folks to realize that it will never been one of the major sports in this country.

On the one hand, good for the MLS for attracting Beckham, but the league will have truly arrived when it can attract top talent in the prime of their career. Notice two things, one Freddy Adu, who is arguably the most talented US player ever, is chomping at the bit to play in Europe, and no team in Europe was going to pay close to what Beckham will make in the MLS.