Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Recipe for Future Success

Ok for starters, we're over the end of the Patriots season. There will be some Super Bowl coverage on this site next week. The reality is when you're a budding sports empire like thatguysports, you can't ignore the masses. The fact that I probably lost half my readers in the last two days tells me something as well.


Its NBA season in case you haven't noticed. Most of you probably haven't. That said, I hope if you have realized that its NBA season, that you've also realized how perfect the Celtics season of futility is going.

For those who don't know (myself included until my buddy shoota told me to write about this), the Celtics were very young this year w/ a suspect at best coach. They had no real big-man, about 3 point guards, and another 4 guys who only did one thing well, whether it be defend, shoot, or dribble.

So what happens? Paul Pierce gets hurt and this team turns into the University of Connecticut of the NBA. Just a ton of Freshman trying to play against the big boys.

Now, some think this is an issue, but for me....and for all Celtics fans involved, they should see how perfect this really is. Follow me.

1) NBA coaches are protected/shackled by a superstar. Need a hoop? Run a play for a superstar. Its that simple in the NBA. You'll either get a hoop, get a foul, or he'll put up a bad shot. 2/3 ain't bad. When that superstar goes down, your coach comes to the forefront. After this season there will be no more hypothesizing about whether or not he is a good or bad coach. All he has to do is coach now. Lets see what he has.

2) "The kids" play. You have no other choice. At one point last week they had 8 guys dressed for a game. Everybody has to play at that point, no? Lets see what they all have.

3) Last and certainly not least, the Greg Odom sweepstakes. Lets hope the lottery doesn't screw the Celtics again.

So to sum up, if you're a young, bad NBA team with one superstar who will guarantee you a win every now and then....one piece of advice from thatguysports:

I hear Jeff Gillooly is looking for work. Nancy Kerrigan that superstar, and see what you have for a coach, for youth, and for talent.

But don't lose the lottery.

I may have to watch the Celtics now. Joy.


ZBalls said...

I'm just hoping that when Pierce and Wally get back, the Celtics don't become mediocre again and ruin their draft status.

Shoota said...

Not only does Doc have to do nothing but showcase his coaching chops.....HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE TO WIN!!!! I don't know if he'll be back next year though. I don't see Ainge taking the bench, and I know Tony Brown will be a candidate. Any chance we can get Jimmy O'Brien back. I think Larry Brown will be in the mix. My dark horse who has no business being on anyone's list but I always liked him...Dan Issel.

Zballs said...

In his 3rd year out of high school, Jefferson is finally playing like a stud. If Gerald can make the same jump next year, in his 3rd year out of high school, that will be huge. Starting lineup of Rondo, West, Pierce, Jefferson and Perkins (if he ever gets healthy) with Gomes and Green coming off the bench looks pretty good next year. Imagine adding Oden or Durant to that mix. Hmmmmmm.

zballs said...

Ooops. Forgot about Wally in my previous post. What that tells me is this team still needs to make a trade. Maybe we can even trick someone into taking Telfair off our hands.

That Guy said...

Wally has an expiring contract in the next two years, right? thats instant trade bait.

mh said...

conspiracy theory: pierce isn't hurt at all, they are doing this to do exactly what you said, play the kids, get them some experience, lose some games and get a high draft pick in a very good draft class.

i just wish that guy didn't call him "Odom"