Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Orange Bowl

Oh yeah as Wake is marching on their first drive I should point out that I took Louisville.


j said...

yeah marching backwards, nice hand off ya chump;

check out the man hands that the sideline reporter has.

by the way, saban's a joke, 'BAMA should run from him.

corky from "life goes on" could have coached LSU and had the same success as Saban. He's more like June Jones, who's languished in mediocrity since leaving the NFL and less like Pete Carroll.

That Guy said...

The biggest reason I'm high on Saban is that he'll at least bring stability to the program. Any other "big name" like Grobe or Petrino will leave to go to the NFL. If saban leaves the NFL to go to Alabama, he'll do so knowing its a move that he'll stick with for a long time.