Friday, January 19, 2007

48 Hours Until Kickoff

And thatguysports is all abuzz.

Bruce Allen at Boston Sports Media Watch summarizes 26 national "experts" and what they think for the game on Sunday. Lets just say, once again these clowns are way off.

Here they are:

Sports Illustrated
Don Banks, Colts
Jeffri Chadiha, Colts
Nunyo Demasio, Colts
Peter King, Colts
Michael Silver, Patriots
Dr. Z, Patriots
Tim Layden, Colts
Joe Theismann, Patriots
Sean Salisbury, Colts
Merril Hoge, Colts
Ron Jaworski, Colts
Mark Schlereth, Colts
Eric Allen, Patriots
Chris Mortensen, Colts
Mike Golic, Colts
CBS Sportsline
Pete Prisco, Colts
Clark Judge, Colts
Greg Bromberg, Colts
Ron Davis, Colts
Dave Richard, Colts

Jarrett Bell, Colts
Nate Davis, Patriots
Tom Pedulla, Patriots
Larry Weisman, Colts
Skip Wood, Patriots
Jeff Zillgitt, Colts

I'm not even mad....that's amazing. And just so we all know the best way I can describe why all of these experts are so on board with the Colts, is that in some form it all comes down to the fact that "Peyton Manning is due." Wow, that's some analysis.

Time for some NFC analysis:
- I think this game turns into another shoot-out for the Bears. You wouldn't think a team that this season was known for its defense would be involved in two shootouts in a row, but I think with the Saints defensive deficiencies in the secondary combined with their obvious offensive prowess results in a game that could very well reach the 30's.

- Will Rex Grossman keep his edge or will he lay an egg?
- Will the Saints be able to run the ball against (in my opinion) an overrated Defense?
- And how will special teams factor into things? The Saints will have to kick away from Devon Hester - I wonder how much field position this costs them.

Bears win 34-31. Gould wins it as time expires, and the Saints get off a bad punt to cost them crucial field position that allows Chicago to move the ball into field goal range.

Last but certainly not least today, Ron Borges pulls a doozy. Picks the Patriots in an MSNBC article and picks against the Patriots in the Globe today. God bless him - he is a F'n miracle.

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