Monday, January 08, 2007

Good Weekend All Around

Still recovering slightly from the 6 hours of being upright yesterday. The crowd didn't sit down during the Patriots game, and these old bones aren't used to that kind of physical exertion.

3-1 weekend for us on our NFL playoff picks, its just too bad in our pool we failed to properly select the Cowboys, so instead we had the Seahawks, and that sucked. Look for more winners this weekend - I tend to start out like a banshee on these things, and fail later on (see: Picks, Bowl games), so ride the early wave before I get full of myself.

Can somebody explain to me how John Runyan can kick the shit out of 3 guys after the whistle, only to have that negated by one shot by the Giants? The announcers legitimately thought John Runyan may get tossed from the game and instead you had offsetting personal fouls. Lame. No balls out of Carrolo's crew on that one.

Jeff Triplett did a game this weekend, so he's done for the playoffs I believe. What that tells me is that his crew is slipping. Last year they got the Divisional round between the Pats and Broncos. This year he slips to the wildcard round, and next year my money is that crew seeing a whole lot of time in Detroit, Houston, Oakland, and Arizona. The game on Saturday was in a dome, yet Triplett still looked and sounded like he was outside.

Bobby Petrino took the Atlanta Falcons job yesterday. For the life of me I don't understand this one at all. Obviously he took the money, even though Mo Vaughn insists "its not about the money," but why Atlanta? He's going to try to make Michael Vick play in his drop-back style system? This is going to go HORRIBLY wrong. Mark my words.

Matt Schaub will play the majority of snaps next year for the Falcons. Book it.

More updates today as we have the time.

Buckeyes are Gator Bait tonight by the way.


j said...

um, i seriously hope you don't work in a job that requires math or anything close to a competency in numbers. You're picks were 2-2, not 3-1.

perhaps that was part of the "new math" you learned, where it doesn't matter if 'little johnny' got the right answer, but that he tried hard.

--just keeping ya honest

That Guy said...

j, do you watch sports?

Indy, Dallas, Giants all covered.

j said...


Only when they interrupt the scrabble championships, world series of poker or the national spelling bee; all of which are featured on ESPN, yet are not sports, go figure;

BTW, 24 starts next week and some bum is about to get a free house

That Guy said...

j, legit I know you?

only curious b/c if I don't you may be the first dedicated fan of the blog to post that isn't doing it just because they're friends of mine and feel bad for me (see: big fin).