Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gearing up for your March Madness Pool

Its almost the time of year that gambler and non-gambler alike, fan and non-fan alike, male, female, etc etc etc all enter their office college basketball pool.

Time to size up your competition. Here's a list of other "thatguys" that you'll be SURE to encounter come tourney time.

When you’re the designated sports-obsessed individual in your office and you’re expected to run your office Superbowl Squares, NFL Picks pool, or any other sports-related gambling exercise, you know the March Madness pool is your baby. For anybody who also runs things, or for anybody who is thinking of doing it, here’s a nice list of people you can expect to deal with after sending out your brackets.

Johnny Gambler – You send your email with the details and this guy replies in a 1/100 of a second telling you he’s in….and that your pool is 1 of 7,500 he’s doing. On top of that he’ll mention all the other action he’s going to have on these games, and will also mention how many different pools he’s in, takeover pools, upset pools, auctions, you name it. He may even make a suggestion to totally complicate your pool not realizing 90% of the people entering it don’t really give a shit what the setup is at the end of the day. You can be sure that Johnny Gambler will be out of your pool by the 2nd Friday of the tournament and he’ll be the first to suggest you make next years pool an Upset Pool, because that’s when the cream rises to the top.

The Unhelpful Assistant – He’s probably reminded you that March Madness is coming…as if he was the only one to realize that. But you know damn well why he’s doing it; he wants to know if you’re going to run your pool again. You know “Because I’ll help you out with it if you want.” Now just what is he going to do to help you?? Not a damn thing. He doesn’t want to take the fall if any higher-up finds out about the pool and isn’t happy about it. But by the same token, when you’re a 40-something with 3 kids, you’d love to walk around talking to your buddies about how you’re “helping out with the pool,” as if he’s the office-version of Rick Tocchett.

The Paranoid Guy – As if he was some undercover spy, the participant will only talk to you in code about the pool. If he mentions it outright, surely he’ll get fired. The walls are tapped, and there is CTU surveillance everywhere. You mention the word POOL and Jack Bauer drops from the ceiling to take you in. “I got your email about the, uh, thing, I’ll get back to you on it.” He doesn’t realize that 75% of the principles of your company have already submitted their entry. You can be assured that he will email you no fewer than 3 times a day giving you updates on what he “hears” about the pool…you know…to keep you in the loop on any potential sting operation. This guy is a cousin of the “un-helpful assistant.”

The Cheapskate - $10 is way too much to kick in for a chance to win $250. He could swing $5, but $10 is breaking the bank. Besides, he already has one entry at $10, his wife has his balls on their mantle, and there’s no way he could get away with doing a second.

The Big Winner – You’re giving out 10% of the pot to the 2nd place finisher. The Big Winner only does winner take all pools. Mind you, he doesn’t know his ass from his elbow about college basketball, but if anybody asks why he’s not in the pool he just can’t wait to tell them that they payout wasn’t worth it for him.

Mountain out of a Molehill guy – He turns his entry in 5 minutes after you send out the brackets….then he gives you an updated version the next day. No fewer than 5 updates will be handed in between now and the start of the tournament. And you can be sure the first one he did would’ve “won the whole thing” only he didn’t go with is gut.

The Hot Girl – You can’t wait to get her involved in the tournament because it’s another reason to talk to her at work. But she really doesn’t want to deal with the pool, probably ha no interest in college hoops, but still wants to be involved somehow. So she tells you she’ll have her boyfriend enter the pool. Now you already hate the guy because you’ve seen what a douche-bag he is. He has spiked hair, wears sunglasses at night, and loses his sleeves once the weather gets warm. You just can’t figure out what she sees in him. You can’t tell her no, so you accept the entry. And now you have an entry you can root against for 3 weeks.

The Female Who Doesn’t Watch Basketball – a.k.a. the favorite to win the pool. Her boyfriend watches enough college hoops for her to know what teams are good, she’s heard of UConn and she knows they’re talented. She may have even watched both UConn – Villanova games this year because there was nothing else to do on those days. She hits a couple round 1 or 2 upsets, and takes Oklahoma State to the final 8 when they’re a 5 seed. She’ll ask you a ton of questions about how it all works before she submits her picks, and when you get them you know damn well she filled it out in 30 seconds. But you also know she’s now the favorite. In all honesty, you don’t mind it. Having her win it is much better than the other options in your office.

People Care about PacMan Jones

There is an outpouring of support for PacMan Jones and a slew of hope for him to straighten things out, according to this ESPN article.

I'd like to point out: I wish I had such low expectations of me from my family.

I worry every day about him. I got this age number -- if he can just make it to
26, I think he'll be OK. ... But his daddy didn't make it past 26. I worry, and
I hope and pray that [Pacman] can go beyond that and many, many more years. Me
and his mother both talk about that all the time." -- Willie Louise Davis,
Pacman Jones' grandmother.

I mean making it to age 26 may be a bit of a stretch there Grammy.

And this clown gets to play a sport that I'd play for free. All year long.

Again, I bring up the fact that PacMan Jones watched the draft, and had a camera in there for ESPN from the VIP room of either a strip club or a night club.

I immediately said to myself: "Wow Jeff Fisher must want that pick back."

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nightly Links

The Big Lead gives us their College Hoop top 20.

Dickie V doesn't realize he's on the air rips University of Florida - Awful Announcing.

Tommy Lasorda loves girl on girl porn. - Sports By Brooks.

I love the NBA

So the Allstar game in Las Vegas ends and people start telling horror story tales of gunplay, gangbangers, and all sorts of rather unfriendly occurrences.

Now, they recommit to New Orleans. Great thinking!

The city that has had shooting after shooting before, during, and after Mardi Gras is an ideal location to follow-up the NBA All-star game from this year. Never mind the fact that I'm pretty sure you have to stay in a 10 mile by 10 mile square to avoid the rest of the city that was ravaged by Katrina

At this rate, '09 will be in the West Bank, and '10 will be in Fallujah.

Major League Baseball Steroid Talk!!!

Hey have you heard about Major League Baseball and the possibility that players were on steroids????

If the answer is "no," then I suggest you get out of your cave, dig out of your hole, and thank your lucky stars that you've been out of the loop.

I actually hate steroid talk. I think its lame, there's just nothing else to talk about right now in the world of sports, now that Manny Ramirez reported to Red Sox Spring Training before he was originally reported to do so.

But there are some times that the sheer hilarity of the situation requires me to comment on it. I mean lets be serious for a second, if I wasn't going to comment on it, then I wouldn't be "that guy," and clearly, I am that guy.

Anyways, Gary Sheffield says the players union calls the steroid investigation a "witch hunt." Here is how Wikipedia defines witch hunt (and obviously if its on wikipedia it must be true):

Metaphorical use
In modern terminology 'witch-hunt' also has a metaphorical usage, referring to the act of seeking and persecuting any perceived enemy, particularly when the search is conducted using extreme measures and with little regard to actual guilt or innocence.

Little regard to actual guilt or innocent.

Hey Gary, weren't you already implicated in the Balco investigation? You're guilty. You've already been proven as guilty. So where's the witch hunt? Can somebody explain to me what this juice-monkey is talking about?

Go ahead and don't cooperate, I actually enjoy the stories from time to time of the ridiculous excuses, blatant lies, and classic denials. Especially from a scumbag like Sheffield.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Peter King: Please Stop

I made it nearly through your entire article today and I didn't get annoyed or aggravated until this gem:

How sad at the Oscars. The Departed kicked tail. I say that's bad
... well, have you seen it? Did the gore bother you? The
pandering, blood-gurgling murderous spree was too much for me.
We must
be inured
to it by now, because the Academy voted Oscars not only
the movie but also
for Martin Scorsese for making the flick. What's
next, I wonder. A beheading in
Times Square? Gouging someone's eyes out?
sad we seem to be in search of the
next great gruesome thing in

Peter. You need to stop with this. Stop being a pussy. Stop with the holier than thou attitude.

The Departed was hardly a horror gore-fest.

It was an unbelievable movie. You used to be a great football writer. You wrote about football. You didn't get involved in politics, you didn't get involved in social issues, and you certainly didn't get involved in movies.

Stick to what you know. I blame the amount of time on Bob Costas for your douchbaggery here.

Why Athletes Hate the Media: Part 2

From today's Check out the most embarrassingly unprofessional questions for an agent that could be asked of his client on earth:

Greg Genske, one of Manny Ramirez's agents, met with reporters after Manny
reported this morning. Here's a transcript (with some comments from Gene Matos,
Manny's other agent, further below):

Why is Manny here
“He was ready to report, and he’s excited to be here.”

What’s situation with his mother? “I don’t think it’s
appropriate to get into the health issues of his mother. Those questions would
be better addressed to Manny himself, when he’s ready to talk about it.”

Reporter: That might be October. Can you acknowledge whether
she’s in the hospital?
“I’m not going to talk about the health of
Manny’s mother.”

Manny is 34 now. Do you think it’s time for him
to be more accountable instead of being babied like a 12-year-old?

“Well, I wouldn’t accept your characterization of his behavior to begin with,
and again I’ll just say he’s reported to spring training here, he’s happy to be
here he’s here before he’s required to be here, either by the team or the
mandatory report date. He’s happy to be here and ready to go.”

Do you think since he’s your meal ticket, you should try to help
him grow up?

“Again, I wouldn’t agree with your
characterization, either of Manny’s behavior or of whatever else you’re talking

He indicated March 1 was the day. What changed that he
moved that up?
“Again. I think that’s something Manny would have to
answer but he indicated he was ready to go so that’s why he’s here.”

What was the deal with the auto show? “I have no idea
what the deal was with the auto show. I do know Manny had never had any
intention of being there.”

What has changed since he asked to be
traded last fall?
“I’m not going to comment on anything about trades or
speculation or anything like that right now. He’s here right now, and he’s
excited to be here. You can tell that when he took the field.”

He never agreed to do the car show? “Not that I’m aware

So he doesn’t want to be traded now? “He’s just
focused on the season right now. He’s reported, he’s here and he’s ready to go.”

Why did he choose not to report with other position
“I think the Red Sox have already gone to the press with this.
They extended him the opportunity to stay with his mother, who had surgery this
off season.”

Was it at all important for you or Manny to arrive
before tomorrow’s mandatory report date?
“I think it was important for
both Manny and me that he get to spring training as early as he could given his
family situation. That’s why he came today, because he was prepared to come

Have you had conversation with the organization at any
point to discuss whether Manny still wants to be traded?
"No. We have
not had any conversations about trades."

What is his health
"He's in great shape, perfectly healthy. He's very, very
excited to begin the season." D

Did he have any treatment on his
knee in the offseason? Gene, do you know? Did he have any treatment on his knee
in the offseason? (Gene Matos is based in Miami and also represents
Matos: "In November and December, he did. He continued the
rehab he engaged in during the season."

Ever (sic) occasion he
had to go to a doctor and be checked out and discuss the possibility of whether
they had to do anything more aggressive than what he was doing in
Matos: "He has consulted with physicians and he has continued

What's condition of knee now going
? Genske: "I think he feels very good. He feels very good, and
he's optimistic he's going to have a great season."

Under any
Genske: "He has green light ready to go."

You say we should ask Manny. Will he answer if we ask
Genske: "It's my understanding that he'll answer questions at some
point. We haven't talked about it, we don't have any plans, but I assume he will
at some point."

Has he received any assurances that this won't
be a chronic condition?
Genske: "I think he's been given a green light,
that he's ready to go. We don't anticipate any future problems, but again one
never knows." Matos: "It's not chronic, it's not arthritis."

Gene, did you know anything about the car show? Matos:
"I don't know anything about that." Did the organizers get in touch with you and
ask you if Manny was coming? Matos: "I don't know anything about it, I really

You had zero conversations with anyone? Matos:
"I just know he wasn't going to be there. That's all I know."

neither of you think he ever intended to be at this car show, would you consider
legal action against these people for using his name without his
Genske: "We're not considering anything at this time."

If what you say is accurate, it sounds like they used his name
Genske: "Again, I'm not familiar with the
circumstances surrounding the car show."

Sox seemed miffed they
got news of Manny coming late through Julian Tavarez. In retrospect, should you
or Manny have done a better job of communicating, given that he wasn't here when
other position players were?
Genske: "I think we've done an excellent
job of communicating with the Red Sox. I'm not aware of them being miffed in any

Want to hear my tape? I have it in the trailer.
Genske: "Thank you all."

What was your most despicable piece? Mine was actually insulting the agents by referring to Manny as his "meal ticket." I mean you have to be kidding me. Newsflash to you Boston media scumbags: Manny is actually YOUR meal ticket. If you couldn't create this Manny backlash, you'd just wind up running out of things to write.

Its amazing how quickly these guys pounce. How about the moron who ended the press conference with "Want to hear my tape? I Have it in the trailer."


Sunday, February 25, 2007

March Madness

Its official. With Ohio State winning the Big 10 regular season title, and with next weekend being the start to championship week, its officially March Madness time.

Thatguysports has a few questions that need to be answered as we head into one of the best times of the year.

Will Duke continue its ACC tournament dominance with clearly a sub-par team?

If Dick Vitale has his way, yes. Fortunately for us Duke haters, Dickie V doesn't have much say in the matter. Of course he'll throw his .02 on the matter during the tournament and make it completely unwatchable, but I don't think he can help a clearly limited team this year. ACC semi-finals at best for the Dukies.

Will anybody in the Northeast have a vested interest in the tourney after the first weekend?

No. Not even close. They may not even make it to the first weekend. In the northeast we have Boston College who's probably in, but will be fodder for a mid-major, or disappointing big time conference team. The Eagles would piss themselves if they drew as an 8 seed, an Alabama as a 9. UConn is still questionable to make the Big East Tournament if I'm not mistaken, and Syracuse, and UMass are still a year or two away.

What's wrong with Florida?

Nothing. The SEC is talented from top to bottom, and they just happened to lose two league games in a row. They'll still be there near the end of the tournament with an Elite 8, Final 4 appearance.

Is the Big-10 for Real?

I still say no, but that's just b/c I hate the Big-10 with a passion. Ohio State is being run by a very very young backcourt, which usually spells doom for a team in the tournament. Wisconsin is the best bet for the Big-10, but what happens when they hit an elite team with speed that also has the depth to run non-stop for 40 minutes?

What conference will show the best in the tournament?

The SEC. It shouldn't surprise anybody if Florida, Vanderbilt, and one other SEC team find themselves in the Elite 8 depending upon where they are seeded.

Gun to head National Champ?

North Carolina.


Nightly Links

I'm sure people have heard about Ryan Freel on should be known that thatguysports friend The Big Lead had the story first.

Stephen A. Smith to Sportscenter? - Awful Announcing.

Last but not least, check out this cheapshot on thatguysportsblog, and alternate Bustonian Teammate (b/c I'm an alternate, not full-time player) Keith Aucoin in an AHL hockey game this weekend.

The hit happens at 6 seconds.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Ottowa Senators - Buffalo Sabers Brawl

Now this is what hockey used to be about.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

News and Notes and Nightly Links

Tough day of work for the kid today, so the stories of the day will be boiled down to a nightly summary.

My favorite story of the day, PacMan Jones. I love this guy. I need friends who bring 80 g's to a strip club in Las Vegas with them. Today on the barstoolsports message board I commented that PacMan Jones may kill a teammate at some point in his career.

I dare someone to argue with me.

I'm fairly certain Pat Riley wishes he didn't come back last night for the Heat. Losing Dwayne Wade is way worse than losing Shaq, and we all know that Riley isn't a huge fan of when he has to actually coach a team. My money is on another required leave with no information given. If Wade opts for season-ending surgery, that team doesn't stand a chance.

In more NFL news it looks like Adalius Thomas isn't going to be franchised by Baltimore after-all. I have to think this makes Thomas the #1 defensive Free Agent for 3-4 teams, which are growing by the year. Look for the Patriots to take a long look at this guy with the cap room they have available this year.

NFL combine starts this week, the list of stars who are choosing not to work out and to wait for their pro-day is growing. Thatguysports is hoping Zach DeOssie from Brown will have a good week. Great article about the kid from the Boston Globe.

Its Manny-gate here in Boston. I have nothing to say about it. Its the most tired story around. He'll put up the same #'s he always does. I don't care if he shows up now to gamble on pepper behind the batting cages. Nothing gets done in Spring Training. He's probably been working out since the season ended last year...give him 2 weeks to get his timing down and watch him rake.

The fat blowhard, Roger Clemens is making himself a story again by hanging out but not actually doing anything at Houston Astros spring training. God I hate that guy.

Some Links tonight:

Joumana Kidd hasn't been in the news lately (and that must just kill her). - The Big Lead

I hate the "PC Police." But making fun of Illinois fans is funny. - The Postmen

Cold Hard Football Facts makes more light of the Norv Turner hiring. I can't get enough of it. Rich Kotite legitimately has a better winning percentage. And identical playoff record.


Last but certainly not least, its been a tough year for all things Boston Celtics. First, Red Auerbach. Add to that a horrendous season. But not horrendous enough to get the worst record and #1 lottery spot.

Now, Dennis Johnson...former player, current NBDL coach passed away after running with his team. I'm probably a year or two too young to remember DJ vividly as a player, but the fact that he was such a mainstay for the Celtics during their 80's championship run cemented him in Boston sports history. Tragic loss for the Celtics. Again.

Rest in peace DJ.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nightly Links

Clearly Pac Man Jones is crazy. - The Big Lead

Check out the new BarstoolSports issue.

Weird athlete sponsorships from Awful Announcing.

I still enjoy Shaq dancing. - The Postmen.

Shame on the NBA

Excuse me for a moment while I get on my soap-box (and for those that know me personally, there's a very good chance they're all exiting their browser right now).

A very brilliant, well spoken, and obviously handsome man called into 107.3 WAAF up here in Boston this morning (ok, I admit was me) during their weekly "Ask the Owner" segment with Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck.

The conversation with AAF started with the NBA All Star game, and it eventually turned to the violence that occurred in Vegas during the weekend celebration. Grousbeck seemed genuinely surprised that it happened. I asked him why he'd be made perfect sense to me. I don't think the national sentiment was one of "shock and awe" when the reports of the violence came about.

I asked Grousbeck, in a very tongue in cheek and sarcastic/cynical manner if he truly was surprised that the reported violence occurred, if deep down he had ZERO idea that it was possible.

I really didn't expect him to take a stand and answer it honestly, because if he did, I truly believe he would've been insulting the NBA fan base, but the way in which he answered the question struck me as interesting.

He didn't address the issue of the violence, nor the circumstances of the weekend that left the majority of those in Las Vegas genuinely worried for their safety (to the point that they'd rather wait for a 3 hour taxi ride, than walk from one casino to another), but instead chose to point out the ratings and publicity bonanza that having the NBA All Star game in Las Vegas created. In short, not so much commenting on the risk but solely focusing on the reward. And it wasn't as if he was pulling this out of his ass, he was legitimately relaying the pro's that the NBA saw and planned on with the Allstar game being in Las Vegas.

It begged the question: Did the NBA simply turn the other cheek and ignore the powder-keg that the NBA in Las Vegas could become, solely to promote the league nationally and internationally?

In my opinion, they did.

And for that reason, I think the NBA owners and David Stern should thank their lucky stars that one of their own wasn't harmed this weekend, a family of fans wasn't harmed this weekend, or something worse. If the reports are to believed, and there's no reason to believe that they're false, Vegas turned into a real life Grand Theft Auto this weekend.

And please spare me with the "how can you stereotype" like this argument then point to the Cincinnati Bengals and Tank Johnson as examples of those in the NFL who have had run-ins with the law.

That's two instances.

You could probably find at least 1 run-in on every NBA team. And I'm really not joking.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

NBA All-star Game Altercations

Well here it is ladies and gentlemen....obviously this weekend's NBA All Star game in Las Vegas wasn't going to end without incident.

The Las Vegas Review Journal has the story of the various incidents that occurred on Sunday night/Monday morning.

The part I love the most? That Pac Man Jones may have been involved.

Here's what I remember most about Pac Man Jones and I'll honestly never forget it. There is a 100% chance that Pac Man Jones was watching the NFL Draft the year he came out of college from the VIP room of a club. Strip club, or night club....either one. And he had a spinning blinged out Pac Man symbol hanging around his neck. I specifically turned to my buddies who were watching the draft with me and commented that Jeff Fischer wants that pick back.

And now he's involved with this. Again.

Anyway, I'm just glad that the balance in the world is restored as the NBA did deliver with All Star weekend turning into a horror show in Vegas as just about anybody thought it would.

The Big Lead has a little more on this story - including some examples of LA gang activity. I particularly like the "MGM was South Central LA" comment.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Nightly Links

Wrong mascot on the wrong campus - AwfulAnnouncing

Shaq owns Lebron and Dwight Howard - We Are the Postmen

The Big Lead's College Hoops Top 20

A bunch of soccer stuff I don't understand - Thats on Point

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, Celebrity Breakup?

According to this report at ESPN, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez aren't having sleepovers anymore. I'm not joking. They're literally not having sleepovers anymore.

"The reality is there's been a change in the relationship over 14 years and,
hopefully, we can just put it behind us," he went on. "You go from sleeping over
at somebody's house five days a week, and now you don't sleep over. It's just
not that big of a deal."
Jeter had left the clubhouse by the time reporters
were allowed back in. His agent, Casey Close, said later that Jeter didn't want
to comment.
Most of the Yankees have long concluded the relationship between
their captain and Rodriguez is a non-issue.
"They're probably not as tight
as they used to be, but it's not a situation where they don't look at each other
and don't say, 'Hi.' They're teammates and they're still friends," Jason

Is anybody else a little creeped out about this? I understand the analogy, and I really hope it is just an analogy, but why couldn't A-Rod have said something like "you party with someone" or "you gamble with someone," or even " You play video games with someone." Why "sleepover?"

Even as a Red Sox fan I feel strange jumping all over this story. Ok, maybe not that strange.

Did they do eachothers hair? Call girls together? Talk about their problems?

Did they prank-call people too?

"Hey Jason? This is Victor, no ... its not Alex, its Conte" as Jeter laughs hysterically in the background.

AFC contenders, Rejoice!

All AFC contenders should rest easier tonight, the San Diego Chargers will not be a factor this season, or any future season.

ESPN is reporting that The Chargers are about to hire Norv Turner as their head coach. That's not a misprint. Norv Turner of the 9-23 Oakland Raiders for two seasons, and Norv Turner of the under-performing Washington Redskins is now the coach of the San Diego Chargers.

Norv Turner is known for his down-field passing game and power running game. That should really bode well for a team with the fastest and slickest WR in the game that is a dual running/receiving threat, not to mention the relatively poor Wide Receivers that the Chargers have, as well as the Quarterback who is accurate but not really known for his down-field arm. Add to that the fact that Turner gets to work with Tedd Cotrell as his Defensive Coordinator. He was the mastermind behind the 4th to last Minnesota Vikings Defense under Mike Tice. I mean giving up 370 yards per game in the NFC Central is good, right? Right?

I can't help but wonder if Chargers ownership is trying to lose next year so they can fire General Manager AJ Smith and completely re-tool the organization.

Is now a good time to mention that Turner's career record as a head coach is 58-82-1? That's 24 games under .500 folks. TWENTY FOUR.

The road to the Super Bowl just got a lot easier for the Colts and Patriots.

An Open Letter to Tom Brady

Dear Tom,

I'm not writing to you today simply as a fan, but also as a friend. You see, I feel as though you are a close friend of mine. No, we've never met and we never will, but your accomplishments have won me so much money and have given me so much happiness that I can't help but see you as a friend.

So please, don't take this as criticism, but take this as some friendly advice.

Get back with Moynahan. Full-time. You have to. You see, she won. She got'ya good and there's no other way around it. Think of it as taking a sack rather than throwing an interception.

By my calculations this kid will be born sometime before training camp. And I know I'm not the only Patriots fan thinking this, but we need you at the peak of your game next year. So make it easy on everybody and just suck it up and get back with the woman.

Its for the better. For everybody. For you, for the baby, but more importantly for Patriots Nation. We need you at your peak next year and we can't afford any less.
The last thing we need is you having to fly somewhere for the birth, fly back to training camp, fly somewhere else during the bye week, fly here, fly there, etc.

I think your sister would make a wonderful personal assistant turned nanny, and Moynahan really isn't anything to get sick over - she still looks damn good. So suck it up, take the sack, and regroup on 3rd down. You see, its all very simple if you boil it down to football terms.

Your friend,


Sunday, February 18, 2007

This is Why Athletes Hate the Media

Regardless of whether you're a Boston fan or not, you should all read this despicable column by Dan Shaugnessy of the Boston Globe. For those not familiar with him, "Shank (as we call him)" was the clown who wrote the book about the Curse of the Bambino and made a bunch of money on it, only to come out with this gem after the Red Sox won the world series.

Red Sox-Yankees has evolved into the very best drama in all of sports and with
that comes no shortage of themes, which are often silly or contrived (remember
The Curse of the Bambino?). - Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe

So clearly he's not the most consistent writer on the planet.

Well, the other thing you have to realize is that Shank can't just write about the Red Sox, the Patriots, or any other sports team or story in the world, he always has to interject himself into the piece. Today was no different.

But he also has a
propensity to shut it down, and we never know why. And please, don't be a stooge
and attempt to perpetuate the farcical theory that Manny was too wounded to play
last September. Every man in the Sox clubhouse knows what went down; teammates
simply wouldn't say anything on the record, lest they risk "losing"

The amazing part of the Manny-fan relationship is that
most Boston baseball customers, who are normally critical and discerning, have
lost their minds when it comes to Mr. Ramírez. The timeless rules and standards
don't apply. Manny can hit. It's a joy to watch him hit. And it's pretty clear
that he's incapable of offending the sensibilities of most Sox

That's all you really have to read. To sum up: Shank knows that his teammates are upset with the way Manny ended the season last year, even though we've never heard from any of them - not even a "leak," but Shank knows that. Furthermore, Shank is just down right angry that the fans of the Red Sox clearly don't vilify Manny Ramirez quite like Shank feels they should, or perhaps feels they would have in the past.

Here's how the rest of the season will play out:

- If Manny steps up and is the great soldier this year, Shank will somehow attribute this article as part of the reason why. There will be some type of piece in June or July about how the pressure on Manny to perform really got to him this year, so he's stepping up nicely. He just didn't want to have to hear it from the media again, thank Dan Shaughnessy everybody.


- Manny shuts it down again, or becomes a distraction again. Shank will continue to bring this up, until finally a teammate or Manny himself goes off. And then Shank will say "I told you so."

Book it, and rest assured, I'll point it out when it happens - and it WILL happen.

Other items from the weekend.
Bridget Moynahan trapped Brady when they had their "goodbye" bang.

Reaction to this story from Kissing Suzy Kolber, and The Big Lead

NBA All Star recaps and blogs from Awful Announcing.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Weekend News and Notes

The first few major Franchise tags were placed on NFL players yesterday, with my man-crush Lance Briggs being franchised by the Chicago Bears, and Asante Samuel being franchised by the New England Patriots. My dream of buying the Lance Briggs #55 Patriots jersey is now over, clearly my wife is happy.

Adalius Thomas is possibly next in line for the franchise tag. tells us why there are so many guys expected to be franchised this year, as well as what else to expect during the free agency period this NFL off season.

I flipped on this game last night for about 10 seconds and legitimately saw players running away from themselves when a player drove to the basket. Clearly there isn't a defensive MVP of these things.

Can people bet on this game? I hope so.

How dirty is Las Vegas w/ the NBA and all its groupies, entourages, and thugs out there this weekend?

Roger Clemens is trying to make himself the focus as he always does when Spring Training rolls around. *yawn* Wake my ass up when this fraud retires. Check out Oriole Post's ripjob of him.

Read this blog entry about the 5 worst players in the NBA and then ask yourself how Danny Ainge is still in the league, as he has placed 3 of these guys on the Celtics either via draft or trade. - That's On Point

Jeff Gordon butchers the English language "I'm disappointed in ourselves." Really, Jeff?

Get more of your NBA All Star weekend fix from Awful Announcing.

That's all for the weekend - pending nothing major comes up.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

This NASCAR Thing is Confusing

One of my seven readers (although it may be down to six per my pitiful hit count lately) emailed me today asking why I haven't commented on the Michael Waltrip NASCAR scandal. After informing the reader that this is a sportsblog, not a "hobby"blog, it dawned on me that maybe one of my remaining 5 readers (and I know its not you, Dad) may also be interested in my take on it. So here goes.

I flat out don't get it.

So they put something in the engine that makes the car go faster. Isn't that what racing is all about? Going faster than the other guy? Are there really rules for what you can put into a car? Like, its an anti-car-steroid policy? And if there are rules for it, may I ask why?

People go to NASCAR races to see people crash. And the more horrific the crash, the better. Well, the faster you go, the more horrific the crashes will be, no? What else is there to do at a race? Literally watch them go around and around....just admit you're there to see carnage.

Anywho, this whole thing baffles me. Can someone explain to me what the hell happened? And how the hell did they find out about this?

NASCAR is weird.

More thoughts about NASCAR:

His crew chief is getting fired. I assume that's bad. - ESPN

Glad we'll have to hear about NASCAR at Fenway Park now. -

NASCAR Power Rankings (without the season even starting) - ESPN

Tim Hardaway Needs to Speak Up

There's nothing I hate more than a celebrity unwilling to take a stand and unwilling to speak his or her mind. Its like they just want to ride the fence and not take a stand on anything.

Especially Tim Hardaway. He really needs to come right out and say what he means about the issue of homosexuality and homosexuality in the NBA.

"You know, I hate gay people, so I let it be known," Hardaway said. "I don't
like gay people and I don't like to be around gay people. I am homophobic. I
don't like it. It shouldn't be in the world or in the United States."

What do you think he's trying to say here? I can't figure out his meaning. Its far too hazy.

This is by far the best part of the story though. By FAR:

Hardaway has been taking part in NBA festivities ahead of Sunday's All-Star game
in Las Vegas and attended an NBA Cares outreach event at a city
YMCA with Knicks forward Jerome Williams on Tuesday.

The NBA cares you know....just not if you're homosexual.

Dick Vitale is Awful

Heading into last night's BC vs Duke game on ACC Wednesday on ESPN I knew I wasn't going to see an unbiased telecast. Certainly not with Duke supporter Dick Vitale court side.

But I really didn't think it would be half as bad as it was.

For starters, did ESPN have to show us 17 replays of Coack K doing his "white mans pump up" to his team after BC took a timeout with 5 min left in the first half? One replay, sure, I can live with that. But in excess of 10 of them? All of which Vitale screaming "Coach K is fired up!" "That's intensity baby" "Look at that man coach" "I can't wait to give Coach K his Valentines Day gift!" (I made that last one up). It was aggravating.

But usually you could expect some unbiased play-by-play out of Mike Patrick. Nope, not last night. He must have lauded the Official that Jared Dudley bumped for not giving him a Technical Foul what, 5 times? How about you point out that IT WAS A HORRIBLE CALL IN THE FIRST PLACE??? BC got jobbed in the first half - as most teams do that play Duke - but not one mention of it. None.

I've seen Vitale numerous times suck off Duke and all things Coach K time and time again, but I didn't see it as bad as it was last night. It legitimately made me throw up a little.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

No First and Toal in '07?

Thaguysports has obtained information that perhaps BC's Brian Toal is heading for shoulder surgery and may redshirt for the '07 season.

This may seem like horrible news for some, as there is a strong sentiment in the athletic community that once you get cut you're never the same, but the reality is that if Toal doesn't get his shoulder taken care of, it'll never allow him to last a full season.

Get it cut, get it fixed, and rehab to play a full season without worrying about it. This was one aspect that I hated about O'Brien. His stupid "First and Toal" with Toal's shoulder hanging by a string late in the season was idiotic.

Poor Form, Tiki

Tiki Barber just sealed the fate of Tom Coughlin. I don't think there's any way Coughlin makes it through next season with the Giants.

Speaking after signing a contract with NBC, Barber reveals that according to him the big man upstairs was the only reason he didn't get injured more often.

Barber, who will work on NBC's "Today" show and on the network's Sunday night football coverage, said his problems with New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin had "started to take its toll on me" and that it was an "act of God' that the physical demands Coughlin placed on him did not result in serious injuries.
"Coach Coughlin is very hard-nosed, and I didn't get a lot of time off, couldn't sit down and rest myself, and so it was a constant grind -- a physical grind on me that started to take its toll," Barber told reporters Tuesday after his introduction the "Today" show's newest correspondent.

Talk about an indictment. There is a lot that bothers me about this. The first is that its obviously a cheap shot at his old coach. But why go public with it? If you don't like the guy, that's fine, but its not as if Coughlin refused anything less than what he demanded. Barber says himself:

"There'd be days where I couldn't move on Tuesday or Wednesday at practice, and he'd get mad at me for going half-speed. And I told him, 'Coach, I can't do it. I'm gonna be out here, I'm never gonna miss a practice, but I can't give you what you want all the time.' And he understood."

Read that bold line again. He understood.

So, lets clarify: Coughlin ran them ragged, made them practice when they didn't want to, and forced them to do more than what they felt their bodies could...but when he was told that it was too much, he understood.

Isn't that just coaching? What has he done wrong here?

Shame on Barber (one of my favorite players of all-time due to the amount of times he won me a fantasy football league). Now wasn't the time to bring this up. How can Coughlin expect to get things done next year?

Turn the Page: College Hoops Season

Its official here at thatguysports. Football season is behind us and takes a back burner until draft coverage starts, and its college basketball season for now. UNC and Texas A&M were shocked again last night by Virginia Tech and Texas Tech respectively, and it begs the question of is it Florida and everybody else at this point in the season?

I just can't get sold on Wisconsin and Ohio State because 1) they're in the Big-10 and my 8 readers know that I hate the Big 10, and 2) they typically aren't great tournament teams (Neither is most of the Big 10 for that matter).

Boston College has an opportunity to put a scare into people this week. Home tilts against Duke and North Carolina could send a message that maybe they're the undermanned Alpha-dog in the ACC.

Is the ACC that bad, by the way? That a BC team that lost a Defensive Player of the Year candidate and who is completely outclassed at the guard position can make a legitimate run at the ACC title, and what, a 3 seed? 2 seed? Wow. That's as bad as Wake Forest winning the football championship.

Big night tonight with the top 3 teams in action and two on the road. Its doubtful that any of those top 3 lose, but would anybody be shocked if an Alabama team comes in and gives Florida a run for its money tonight?

In other news:

Pat Forde at has a cute little Valentines Day article today.

This video isn't graphic b/c you don't see anything, but we all know what she must've looked like. - Barstoolsports

More to come today as I'm home w/ the kiddo.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

College Hockey > the NHL

You want to enjoy hockey again, go to a college hockey game.

Last night at the TD Banknorth Garden the Beanpot Finals were played between BU and BC, and let me tell you - it was insane.

At least 10 times the crowd was on its feet as someone got laid out by a hip or body check.

The NHL hasn't been that exciting in years. Bring back the ability to hit people and you'll get the fans back to the NHL. Its just that easy.

Onto to some news and notes:

I have no idea what the Chargers are doing right now. Take a 14-2 team and completely blow up the coaching staff so you have to start fresh with new coordinators and a new head coach.

It blows my mind. Whey fire him now? College coaches know what they have for recruits coming in, so they're much less apt to leave if they've had a good class. You think Pete Carroll is going to leave USC and another #1 class?

Maybe Charlie Weiss is the only answer from the college ranks, or some retread from the professional ranks.

How quickly will Mark Whipple's agent call San Diego?

More on Schottenheimer's firing and some good links. - The Big Lead
Kissing Suzy Kolber's take on it.
barstoolsports' Uncle Buck gives us a Red Sox post. -

Now that they're winning again, Pat Reilly is planning on rejoining the Heat. Great job of sticking by your team through the good times and the bad, Pat.

Monday, February 12, 2007

NIghtly Links

The Big Lead's updated College top 20. - The Big Lead

Steroid talk is fun. - We are the Postmen

Cold Hard Football Fact's Dominant Dozen -

Announcer Grades

I love these types of articles. I don't agree 100% with what Dr. Z says, for example, Madden and Michaels are still horrendous in my opinion, but the fact that he has the ESPN Monday Night crew down at the bottom makes me smile.

I think he has Enberg too high, he seemed borderline senile to me this year, but I thought Deion, Marshall, Collinsworth, and Vermeil were highlights this year for the NFL Network, with Bryant Gumbel as an obvious low-light. I still don't think his audio was properly synced with the video...there's no way he's that slow (I mean he's a Bates guy for the love of God).

Some highlights that made me laugh:

Cross played on a four-star team last year when he was with Harlan, but the
split-up has hurt both of them. Enberg's a nice guy, and he adds a certain
comfort level to the show, but Cross seems to be taking the easy slide now and
then, falling into the "offensive line really did a good job on that play," type
of analysis. Sorry, Randy, but you were a guard for many years. We want to hear
which lineman did a good job on whom. It's not impossible. If Vermeil can do it,
you can.

I hate Randy Cross- and I can just hear him saying those idiotic words.

So here's the full article.

Worst Statline Ever?

In the Boston Celtics 18th straight loss last night, Brian Scalabrine put it what had to have been one of the most pathetic stat-lines in the history of the NBA.

He started the game, and played 37 minutes....the second most on the entire team.

He was 0-1 from the field, and that attempt happened to have been a 3 pointer. He had one offensive rebound (5 total) and had 5 assists. In 37 minutes.

Did anybody watch this game (I certainly didn't). Did Scalabrine just stand at the top of the key and pass? Did he move at all? You'd think in 37 minutes, the Timberwolves would at least have a defensive lapse that (combined with actual movement from Scalabrine) would result in a shot at a field goal attempt near the basket, no?

This is amazing. Did he even cross half-court?

Can somebody please spike Paul Pierce in the knee so the Celtics don't accidentally finish with the 3rd pick in the draft....PLEASE?

Onto the links:

Cold Hard Football Facts has the keys to Indys Superbowl run.

Pete Manzo over at barstoolsports highlights the toughest formations to compete against. gives us some Superbowl photoshops.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nightly Links

Anytime anybody is making fun of Duke, I am on board with it. - Saved by the Blog.

Cold Hard Football Facts has a blog now.

This just blows your mind. Such huge money. For Bronson frickin' Arroyo. Unreal.

Notre Dame has decided to tell everybody what they're doing next year, so teams can already start to scheme against them. Brilliant. Oh and they lost every major defensive recruit they had committed. Looks like Weiss is going to try to outscore people again. It worked last wait.

What are the Dallas Cowboys Thinking?

According to an report, Wade Phillips will be named Dallas Cowboys head football coach sometime today.

Yes, you read that right. Wade Phillips.

In a league in which young coaches like Sean Payton and Eric Mangini revitalized fledgling programs, Jerry Jones selects Wade Phillips. He of an 0-3 playoff record, and a 45-35 career coaching record for the Bills and Broncos.

Mind you, this comes on the heels of a failed attempt by Dennis Green and Art Shell to rejuvenate their coaching careers with the Arizona Cardinals and Oakland Raiders respectively.

When will these owners learn....retread coaches just don't work. They may win you some games, but they're certainly not "the answer" when it comes to long-standing stability.

Jason Garrett is the coach of this team by '09 at the latest.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

USC is amazing

Top 3 recruits in the country and two play RB.


It is unconfirmed as of yet if the "thong or not a thong" controversy from the Rose Bowl contributed to the signings, but it certainly didn't hurt.

Thong or not a thong:

Dad, thanks for not doing this to me when I was at Bates

UConn's signeed Greg Lloyd Junior, son of former Steeler Greg Lloyd:

Found at

On Saturday, Lloyd will become 18, and a protective order preventing his
father from having any contact with him will expire. "I can't protect him
anymore," his mother, Rhonda Lloyd, told the Hartford Courant. "That's a scary
thought for me." "I'm living great without him in my life," Greg Jr. said. "I
don't have to be scared every day. That's much better than the way I was living
back when he was around." The elder Lloyd was accused of sticking a gun in his
son's mouth in 2001, apparently due to the child's school grades. Two trials on
criminal charges arising from the incident resulted in hung juries. The issue
did not go to trial a third time. The younger Lloyd isn't interested in
rekindling a relationship with his father. "If he said he wanted to try again, I
would say no," Greg Jr. said. "It's too late for that." Lloyd was an All-Pro for
the Steelers in the 1990s. He pleaded no contest in 2004 to pointing a gun at
his wife's head.

Updated Signees as of 11:45

Teams of interest:



Josh Chapman
Patrick Crump
Luther Davis
Jeremy Elder
Tarence Farmer
Nick Gentry
Jeramie Griffin
Darius Hanks
Jennings Hester
Kareem Jackson
Rolando McClain
Alfred McCullough
Kerry Murphy
Jamar Taylor
Chris Underwood
William Vlachos
Alex Watkins
Chavis Williams

Notre Dame

Armando Allen

Jimmy Clausen

Taylor Dever

Gary Gray

Robert Hughes

Duval Kamara

Kerry Neal

Andrew Nuss

Emeka Nwankwo

Steve Paskorz

Brian Smith

Harrison Smith

Golden Tate

Brandon Walker
Ian Williams

Boston College


Lars Anderson

Dominique Davis

Corey Eason

DeLeon Gause

Chris Johnson

Dominic Magazu

Kenny Plue

Nathan Richman

Mark Spinney

National Signing Day

Check back here today for updates as declarations are made, I'm hoping to update a few times today with latest news.

Some questions heading into signing day that will be answered:

- Can Nick Saban bring a top flight class to Alabama?
- Will Randy Shannon start to turn around the University of Miami today (He's had a great last week with changing a few verbals from other schools to considering the U).
- Who can top Urban Meyer?
- Will coach tummy-tuck Charlie Weiss improve a defense that is horrendous, or will he just hope and pray that Jimmy Claussen doesn't royally suck like his brothers did.
- How will BC do today?

Check back today as you wish for some info.

This is way better than blogging about the NBA and/or the NHL.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Nightly Links

Great Art Monk vs Michael Irvin HOF comparison. The Big Lead

A-Rod to use escape clause in '07?

I love NHL ratings statistics. Sportsbiz

Red Sox closer: Not Papplebon.

barstoolsports helps us find some other things to laugh at. Viva la Stool

Rocky IV Training Gone Wrong

Check out the story in this link. I don't even know where to begin.

First, why train somewhere that carrying a hatchet is required to protect yourself against bears? Furthermore, what would your sparring partner have to do to throw said hatchet at him in a fit of rage?

Were they running through the woods sparring with each other? Just a very bizarre story.

This cracked me up though:

Slayton told the deputies Bell had become angry with him during a training
session in the woods and threw a hatchet the boxer was carrying for protection
against bears. Slayton fled, dodging large rocks Bell threw at him,
Wiltshire said.

Whoever is fighting O'Neil Bell should realize that the throwing of the large rocks will definitely make his right cross a LOT stronger.

One and Done for Peyton Manning

To all the Colts-haters out there, take solace in knowing one thing. This was a "one and done" situation for the Colts. They won't come close to the Superbowl next year.

John Clayton on has the piece; and it tells quite a story about the Colts salary cap situation heading into this off-season.

The Colts have a dozen unrestricted free agents and only $2.5 million of cap room, but numbers can be deceiving. Manning has a $10 million roster bonus that will be converted into a signing bonus to save cap room. That could save $8 million. The Colts could save a little more by cutting wide receiver Brandon Stokley and defensive tackle Corey Simon. They can restructure some contracts.

Players that are heading into free agency include Cato June, Dominic Rhodes, Nick Harper, Rob Morris, Mike Doss and most important, Dwight Freeney. Now, assuming the Colts don't let Freeney go (They should...he of zero tackles, zero sacks in the Superbowl...but they won't), if they extend him by one year w/ the franchise tag, he eats up 75% of the room that the Colts have available. And this doesn't even take into account the room needed to sign draft picks.

What does this all mean? Well, in short....there are going to be some changes in Indy. Guys will have to restructure, which may happen, but will all of them? Doubtful. So all in all, we're not looking at the next dynasty here folks...we're looking at a one and done.

No wonder the NFL gave the Colts every call possible against the Patriots. They knew this was Manning's only shot.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Nightly Links

New addition to the blog....nightly links. Hoping to pick up anything that you all may have missed throughout the day.

Oxana Baiul is freakishly scary. Barstool Sports.

Funny take on Prince being the real MVP last night, and a great nickname I've never heard for Peyton Manning. kissingsuzykolber (a hilarious blog I just discovered).

Phil Mushnik still has his head up his ass about things...Simms is HARDLY respectable anymore. NY Times.

The Big Lead's college hoop poll. The Big Lead

Michael Jordan was nasty...and Chicago owned Indy in hoops. We are the Postmen

Superbowl Reaction


Does Rex Grossman suck or what??? That's about all I took from the Superbowl last night. The Colts were content to run the football (because Urlacher sucks, and is the most overrated player in the NFL) knowing the entire time that if they stopped the run, they'd let Grossman lose the game for the Bears. And that's exactly what happened.

I will say this: Peyton Manning did NOT deserve the MVP. That's as clear as anything after this game. Joseph Addai / Dominick Rhodes could have been co-MVP's, or even Bob Sanders was more deserving than Manning. But of course, the national media is able to wax poetic about Manning, the "first family of football" and how he only has one fewer MVP than Tom Brady.

yawn. At least it rained all game long....that's all I was rooting for.

Some observations:

- What was with all of the half-and-half jerseys that people had in the crowd yesterday. I mean I understand the geography of these two teams, but were people from Indiana that live closer to Chicago really "torn" as to who they should root for? A good friend of mine from out that way has legitimately been a fan of both teams for I guess those in that area couldn't lose last night?

More examples of how the Midwest is weird.

- Here's ESPNs coverage of the Superbowl.

- CNNSI's coverage of the Superbowl.

- Peter King does it again. In today's MMQB, Peter gives us this gem.

Offensive Player of the Week
Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis. For all the
reasons listed above, plus this one: Five scoring drives in the first three
decisive quarters, and the ability to neutralize Brian Urlacher for much of the
night (except for a brilliant deflected pass early) by disguising so much of
what he does. Nine years is a long time to wait for a championship, but I have a
feeling we won't have to wait nine more for Manning's second one.

Please stop Peter. You're awful. Jeff Saturday was the offensive player of the week for his job on Urlacher, not Peyton Manning. Come on Peter. Terrible.

Decent week coming up even though football ended last night. National signing day is Wednesday, and college hoops picks up. All is not lost!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Superbowl Breakdown

The Line: Colts -7

Bears win and cover.

I hate this game with a passion. I hate both of these teams. I hate their fans. I hate their coaches. I hate their quarterbacks.

I hate their middle linebackers.

I hate them all.

But the reality is that the Bears aren't going to all pass out on the sidelines like the Patriots did. The Bears aren't stricken with the flue like the Patriots were, and the Colts can't turn up the heat in an outdoor stadium like they did in the dome in the AFC title game.

The Bears can move the ball, and if Grossman has a good start to the game, he'll play consistently well. And I think he does.

27-17 Bears.

Weekend Notes: The NBA Gets it Right (Finally)

Carmello Anthony isn't on the all star team right now, and for good reason. He was suspended for over a month for sucker punching somebody in a game, and that tends to overshadow being the leading scorer in the NBA. Sorry, but lengthy suspensions tend to over-rule some things.

It still astounds me that "lights out" Merriman was chosen for the Pro-bowl after being suspended for steroids.

Some other things around the world of sports:

- Brett Favre isn't retiring. YAWN. He is completely useless as an NFL QB and this is going to end in tears. You think the Ted Johnson story with painkillers and/or medications is a sad one, just wait until "the gunslinger" winds up drooling all over the place, eating vicodin like candy.

Retire don't have it anymore.

- The Celtics lost The Durant/Oden sweepstakes continues.

- Thank God one of the best tournaments to watch in Golf, the FBR Open is on tomorrow to cut out the requirement to watch 4 hours of the Peyton Manning love-fest.

Superbowl predictions coming tomorrow.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Ted Johnson Story

Today's Boston Globe has a tough story to read for this Patriots and fooball fan. It is being reported that due to some possible mishandling of his treatment with concussions, Ted Johnson is suffering from various post-concussion syndrome symptoms, and there is a direct correlation between being forced to come back too soon and when these symptoms began.

I don't know how to react to this one...its a tough story to say the least.

Bear in mind, I'd absolutley trade depression, drug addiction, memory loss, etc for the chance to play in the NFL. I mean half of my buddies from a D3 football program could've been considered addicted to aderol in college....not to mention the other reasons half of us don't remember shit. I mean my back hurts nonstop but that may be more due to my fat nature than any football injury.

I just hope this doesn't turn into a witch hunt. Bill Belichick reportedly admitted to Johnson that a mistake was made, and Johnson seemed ok with the results of their conversations. This better not turn into something more than it is unfortunate story, but one that isn't rare and shouldn't be foreign to those that get paid millions of dollars to play a sport.