Saturday, February 17, 2007

Weekend News and Notes

The first few major Franchise tags were placed on NFL players yesterday, with my man-crush Lance Briggs being franchised by the Chicago Bears, and Asante Samuel being franchised by the New England Patriots. My dream of buying the Lance Briggs #55 Patriots jersey is now over, clearly my wife is happy.

Adalius Thomas is possibly next in line for the franchise tag. tells us why there are so many guys expected to be franchised this year, as well as what else to expect during the free agency period this NFL off season.

I flipped on this game last night for about 10 seconds and legitimately saw players running away from themselves when a player drove to the basket. Clearly there isn't a defensive MVP of these things.

Can people bet on this game? I hope so.

How dirty is Las Vegas w/ the NBA and all its groupies, entourages, and thugs out there this weekend?

Roger Clemens is trying to make himself the focus as he always does when Spring Training rolls around. *yawn* Wake my ass up when this fraud retires. Check out Oriole Post's ripjob of him.

Read this blog entry about the 5 worst players in the NBA and then ask yourself how Danny Ainge is still in the league, as he has placed 3 of these guys on the Celtics either via draft or trade. - That's On Point

Jeff Gordon butchers the English language "I'm disappointed in ourselves." Really, Jeff?

Get more of your NBA All Star weekend fix from Awful Announcing.

That's all for the weekend - pending nothing major comes up.

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CambridgeJewWhoSaysScienceCenter said...

You want a scoop? It's time to start talking about Andre Berto and Paul Williams as the future of boxing. You're looking at 2 young, freakish talents (Berto squat with ridiculous power and Williams over 6' at welterweight, throwing over 130 punches a round). These 2 are in the early stages of a collision course like Hearns/Leonard 25 years ago.