Monday, February 26, 2007

Why Athletes Hate the Media: Part 2

From today's Check out the most embarrassingly unprofessional questions for an agent that could be asked of his client on earth:

Greg Genske, one of Manny Ramirez's agents, met with reporters after Manny
reported this morning. Here's a transcript (with some comments from Gene Matos,
Manny's other agent, further below):

Why is Manny here
“He was ready to report, and he’s excited to be here.”

What’s situation with his mother? “I don’t think it’s
appropriate to get into the health issues of his mother. Those questions would
be better addressed to Manny himself, when he’s ready to talk about it.”

Reporter: That might be October. Can you acknowledge whether
she’s in the hospital?
“I’m not going to talk about the health of
Manny’s mother.”

Manny is 34 now. Do you think it’s time for him
to be more accountable instead of being babied like a 12-year-old?

“Well, I wouldn’t accept your characterization of his behavior to begin with,
and again I’ll just say he’s reported to spring training here, he’s happy to be
here he’s here before he’s required to be here, either by the team or the
mandatory report date. He’s happy to be here and ready to go.”

Do you think since he’s your meal ticket, you should try to help
him grow up?

“Again, I wouldn’t agree with your
characterization, either of Manny’s behavior or of whatever else you’re talking

He indicated March 1 was the day. What changed that he
moved that up?
“Again. I think that’s something Manny would have to
answer but he indicated he was ready to go so that’s why he’s here.”

What was the deal with the auto show? “I have no idea
what the deal was with the auto show. I do know Manny had never had any
intention of being there.”

What has changed since he asked to be
traded last fall?
“I’m not going to comment on anything about trades or
speculation or anything like that right now. He’s here right now, and he’s
excited to be here. You can tell that when he took the field.”

He never agreed to do the car show? “Not that I’m aware

So he doesn’t want to be traded now? “He’s just
focused on the season right now. He’s reported, he’s here and he’s ready to go.”

Why did he choose not to report with other position
“I think the Red Sox have already gone to the press with this.
They extended him the opportunity to stay with his mother, who had surgery this
off season.”

Was it at all important for you or Manny to arrive
before tomorrow’s mandatory report date?
“I think it was important for
both Manny and me that he get to spring training as early as he could given his
family situation. That’s why he came today, because he was prepared to come

Have you had conversation with the organization at any
point to discuss whether Manny still wants to be traded?
"No. We have
not had any conversations about trades."

What is his health
"He's in great shape, perfectly healthy. He's very, very
excited to begin the season." D

Did he have any treatment on his
knee in the offseason? Gene, do you know? Did he have any treatment on his knee
in the offseason? (Gene Matos is based in Miami and also represents
Matos: "In November and December, he did. He continued the
rehab he engaged in during the season."

Ever (sic) occasion he
had to go to a doctor and be checked out and discuss the possibility of whether
they had to do anything more aggressive than what he was doing in
Matos: "He has consulted with physicians and he has continued

What's condition of knee now going
? Genske: "I think he feels very good. He feels very good, and
he's optimistic he's going to have a great season."

Under any
Genske: "He has green light ready to go."

You say we should ask Manny. Will he answer if we ask
Genske: "It's my understanding that he'll answer questions at some
point. We haven't talked about it, we don't have any plans, but I assume he will
at some point."

Has he received any assurances that this won't
be a chronic condition?
Genske: "I think he's been given a green light,
that he's ready to go. We don't anticipate any future problems, but again one
never knows." Matos: "It's not chronic, it's not arthritis."

Gene, did you know anything about the car show? Matos:
"I don't know anything about that." Did the organizers get in touch with you and
ask you if Manny was coming? Matos: "I don't know anything about it, I really

You had zero conversations with anyone? Matos:
"I just know he wasn't going to be there. That's all I know."

neither of you think he ever intended to be at this car show, would you consider
legal action against these people for using his name without his
Genske: "We're not considering anything at this time."

If what you say is accurate, it sounds like they used his name
Genske: "Again, I'm not familiar with the
circumstances surrounding the car show."

Sox seemed miffed they
got news of Manny coming late through Julian Tavarez. In retrospect, should you
or Manny have done a better job of communicating, given that he wasn't here when
other position players were?
Genske: "I think we've done an excellent
job of communicating with the Red Sox. I'm not aware of them being miffed in any

Want to hear my tape? I have it in the trailer.
Genske: "Thank you all."

What was your most despicable piece? Mine was actually insulting the agents by referring to Manny as his "meal ticket." I mean you have to be kidding me. Newsflash to you Boston media scumbags: Manny is actually YOUR meal ticket. If you couldn't create this Manny backlash, you'd just wind up running out of things to write.

Its amazing how quickly these guys pounce. How about the moron who ended the press conference with "Want to hear my tape? I Have it in the trailer."



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