Monday, February 12, 2007

Announcer Grades

I love these types of articles. I don't agree 100% with what Dr. Z says, for example, Madden and Michaels are still horrendous in my opinion, but the fact that he has the ESPN Monday Night crew down at the bottom makes me smile.

I think he has Enberg too high, he seemed borderline senile to me this year, but I thought Deion, Marshall, Collinsworth, and Vermeil were highlights this year for the NFL Network, with Bryant Gumbel as an obvious low-light. I still don't think his audio was properly synced with the video...there's no way he's that slow (I mean he's a Bates guy for the love of God).

Some highlights that made me laugh:

Cross played on a four-star team last year when he was with Harlan, but the
split-up has hurt both of them. Enberg's a nice guy, and he adds a certain
comfort level to the show, but Cross seems to be taking the easy slide now and
then, falling into the "offensive line really did a good job on that play," type
of analysis. Sorry, Randy, but you were a guard for many years. We want to hear
which lineman did a good job on whom. It's not impossible. If Vermeil can do it,
you can.

I hate Randy Cross- and I can just hear him saying those idiotic words.

So here's the full article.

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Lou P. said...

Agreed about Randy Cross -- I thought Dr. Z was pretty on-target with his analysis, save for that ranking.