Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Turn the Page: College Hoops Season

Its official here at thatguysports. Football season is behind us and takes a back burner until draft coverage starts, and its college basketball season for now. UNC and Texas A&M were shocked again last night by Virginia Tech and Texas Tech respectively, and it begs the question of is it Florida and everybody else at this point in the season?

I just can't get sold on Wisconsin and Ohio State because 1) they're in the Big-10 and my 8 readers know that I hate the Big 10, and 2) they typically aren't great tournament teams (Neither is most of the Big 10 for that matter).

Boston College has an opportunity to put a scare into people this week. Home tilts against Duke and North Carolina could send a message that maybe they're the undermanned Alpha-dog in the ACC.

Is the ACC that bad, by the way? That a BC team that lost a Defensive Player of the Year candidate and who is completely outclassed at the guard position can make a legitimate run at the ACC title, and what, a 3 seed? 2 seed? Wow. That's as bad as Wake Forest winning the football championship.

Big night tonight with the top 3 teams in action and two on the road. Its doubtful that any of those top 3 lose, but would anybody be shocked if an Alabama team comes in and gives Florida a run for its money tonight?

In other news:

Pat Forde at has a cute little Valentines Day article today.

This video isn't graphic b/c you don't see anything, but we all know what she must've looked like. - Barstoolsports

More to come today as I'm home w/ the kiddo.

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Grantland Rice said...

If Tennessee stays healthy, they are my dark horse to make some noise in the tourney.