Thursday, February 22, 2007

News and Notes and Nightly Links

Tough day of work for the kid today, so the stories of the day will be boiled down to a nightly summary.

My favorite story of the day, PacMan Jones. I love this guy. I need friends who bring 80 g's to a strip club in Las Vegas with them. Today on the barstoolsports message board I commented that PacMan Jones may kill a teammate at some point in his career.

I dare someone to argue with me.

I'm fairly certain Pat Riley wishes he didn't come back last night for the Heat. Losing Dwayne Wade is way worse than losing Shaq, and we all know that Riley isn't a huge fan of when he has to actually coach a team. My money is on another required leave with no information given. If Wade opts for season-ending surgery, that team doesn't stand a chance.

In more NFL news it looks like Adalius Thomas isn't going to be franchised by Baltimore after-all. I have to think this makes Thomas the #1 defensive Free Agent for 3-4 teams, which are growing by the year. Look for the Patriots to take a long look at this guy with the cap room they have available this year.

NFL combine starts this week, the list of stars who are choosing not to work out and to wait for their pro-day is growing. Thatguysports is hoping Zach DeOssie from Brown will have a good week. Great article about the kid from the Boston Globe.

Its Manny-gate here in Boston. I have nothing to say about it. Its the most tired story around. He'll put up the same #'s he always does. I don't care if he shows up now to gamble on pepper behind the batting cages. Nothing gets done in Spring Training. He's probably been working out since the season ended last year...give him 2 weeks to get his timing down and watch him rake.

The fat blowhard, Roger Clemens is making himself a story again by hanging out but not actually doing anything at Houston Astros spring training. God I hate that guy.

Some Links tonight:

Joumana Kidd hasn't been in the news lately (and that must just kill her). - The Big Lead

I hate the "PC Police." But making fun of Illinois fans is funny. - The Postmen

Cold Hard Football Facts makes more light of the Norv Turner hiring. I can't get enough of it. Rich Kotite legitimately has a better winning percentage. And identical playoff record.


Last but certainly not least, its been a tough year for all things Boston Celtics. First, Red Auerbach. Add to that a horrendous season. But not horrendous enough to get the worst record and #1 lottery spot.

Now, Dennis Johnson...former player, current NBDL coach passed away after running with his team. I'm probably a year or two too young to remember DJ vividly as a player, but the fact that he was such a mainstay for the Celtics during their 80's championship run cemented him in Boston sports history. Tragic loss for the Celtics. Again.

Rest in peace DJ.

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Anonymous said...

DJ was the heart and soul of those 80's teams. Remeber what Bird said that DJ was the best player he had ever played with. Pretty impressive when you consider the talent on those championship teams.