Monday, February 19, 2007

An Open Letter to Tom Brady

Dear Tom,

I'm not writing to you today simply as a fan, but also as a friend. You see, I feel as though you are a close friend of mine. No, we've never met and we never will, but your accomplishments have won me so much money and have given me so much happiness that I can't help but see you as a friend.

So please, don't take this as criticism, but take this as some friendly advice.

Get back with Moynahan. Full-time. You have to. You see, she won. She got'ya good and there's no other way around it. Think of it as taking a sack rather than throwing an interception.

By my calculations this kid will be born sometime before training camp. And I know I'm not the only Patriots fan thinking this, but we need you at the peak of your game next year. So make it easy on everybody and just suck it up and get back with the woman.

Its for the better. For everybody. For you, for the baby, but more importantly for Patriots Nation. We need you at your peak next year and we can't afford any less.
The last thing we need is you having to fly somewhere for the birth, fly back to training camp, fly somewhere else during the bye week, fly here, fly there, etc.

I think your sister would make a wonderful personal assistant turned nanny, and Moynahan really isn't anything to get sick over - she still looks damn good. So suck it up, take the sack, and regroup on 3rd down. You see, its all very simple if you boil it down to football terms.

Your friend,



Anonymous said...

I believe that the Moynahan this taking revenge of Tom to have been finished with her… with the age that has era of supposition that contentaria so easy with desicion of Tom. and does not think that the best way to stop it is with drinks… error… error… error…

Scott said...

i think from august to february he should swear off banging broods, and win us another championship. he was undefeated this season when he was "single." we need more super bowls, not less.

Anonymous said...

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