Monday, February 19, 2007

AFC contenders, Rejoice!

All AFC contenders should rest easier tonight, the San Diego Chargers will not be a factor this season, or any future season.

ESPN is reporting that The Chargers are about to hire Norv Turner as their head coach. That's not a misprint. Norv Turner of the 9-23 Oakland Raiders for two seasons, and Norv Turner of the under-performing Washington Redskins is now the coach of the San Diego Chargers.

Norv Turner is known for his down-field passing game and power running game. That should really bode well for a team with the fastest and slickest WR in the game that is a dual running/receiving threat, not to mention the relatively poor Wide Receivers that the Chargers have, as well as the Quarterback who is accurate but not really known for his down-field arm. Add to that the fact that Turner gets to work with Tedd Cotrell as his Defensive Coordinator. He was the mastermind behind the 4th to last Minnesota Vikings Defense under Mike Tice. I mean giving up 370 yards per game in the NFC Central is good, right? Right?

I can't help but wonder if Chargers ownership is trying to lose next year so they can fire General Manager AJ Smith and completely re-tool the organization.

Is now a good time to mention that Turner's career record as a head coach is 58-82-1? That's 24 games under .500 folks. TWENTY FOUR.

The road to the Super Bowl just got a lot easier for the Colts and Patriots.


CJ said...

you know, take a look at minnesota's defense this year under cottrell -- they were very, very good.

That Guy said...

They were ranked dead last against the pass and bottom half of the NFL in points allowed.

"very, very good?"