Monday, February 26, 2007

Peter King: Please Stop

I made it nearly through your entire article today and I didn't get annoyed or aggravated until this gem:

How sad at the Oscars. The Departed kicked tail. I say that's bad
... well, have you seen it? Did the gore bother you? The
pandering, blood-gurgling murderous spree was too much for me.
We must
be inured
to it by now, because the Academy voted Oscars not only
the movie but also
for Martin Scorsese for making the flick. What's
next, I wonder. A beheading in
Times Square? Gouging someone's eyes out?
sad we seem to be in search of the
next great gruesome thing in

Peter. You need to stop with this. Stop being a pussy. Stop with the holier than thou attitude.

The Departed was hardly a horror gore-fest.

It was an unbelievable movie. You used to be a great football writer. You wrote about football. You didn't get involved in politics, you didn't get involved in social issues, and you certainly didn't get involved in movies.

Stick to what you know. I blame the amount of time on Bob Costas for your douchbaggery here.


bigfin said...

Yeah, he's definately become much softer ever since he started spending serious time with Costas. The Departed is nowhere near as gruesome as he portrays it in his articles. Perhaps he has never seen a Scorsese ganster flick before. Nothing in The Departed is as bad as Billy Batts getting stabbbed in the trunk of Henry's car like a thousand times by Tommy in Goodfellas or like the scene in Casino where they put the guy's head in a vice to get info out of him.

Anonymous said...

bob costas is a national treasure. only insecure people are threatened by costas, or dislike him.