Tuesday, February 13, 2007

College Hockey > the NHL

You want to enjoy hockey again, go to a college hockey game.

Last night at the TD Banknorth Garden the Beanpot Finals were played between BU and BC, and let me tell you - it was insane.

At least 10 times the crowd was on its feet as someone got laid out by a hip or body check.

The NHL hasn't been that exciting in years. Bring back the ability to hit people and you'll get the fans back to the NHL. Its just that easy.

Onto to some news and notes:

I have no idea what the Chargers are doing right now. Take a 14-2 team and completely blow up the coaching staff so you have to start fresh with new coordinators and a new head coach.

It blows my mind. Whey fire him now? College coaches know what they have for recruits coming in, so they're much less apt to leave if they've had a good class. You think Pete Carroll is going to leave USC and another #1 class?

Maybe Charlie Weiss is the only answer from the college ranks, or some retread from the professional ranks.

How quickly will Mark Whipple's agent call San Diego?

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Now that they're winning again, Pat Reilly is planning on rejoining the Heat. Great job of sticking by your team through the good times and the bad, Pat.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. College Hockey is a great take. NHL Blows