Monday, February 12, 2007

Worst Statline Ever?

In the Boston Celtics 18th straight loss last night, Brian Scalabrine put it what had to have been one of the most pathetic stat-lines in the history of the NBA.

He started the game, and played 37 minutes....the second most on the entire team.

He was 0-1 from the field, and that attempt happened to have been a 3 pointer. He had one offensive rebound (5 total) and had 5 assists. In 37 minutes.

Did anybody watch this game (I certainly didn't). Did Scalabrine just stand at the top of the key and pass? Did he move at all? You'd think in 37 minutes, the Timberwolves would at least have a defensive lapse that (combined with actual movement from Scalabrine) would result in a shot at a field goal attempt near the basket, no?

This is amazing. Did he even cross half-court?

Can somebody please spike Paul Pierce in the knee so the Celtics don't accidentally finish with the 3rd pick in the draft....PLEASE?

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