Sunday, February 25, 2007

March Madness

Its official. With Ohio State winning the Big 10 regular season title, and with next weekend being the start to championship week, its officially March Madness time.

Thatguysports has a few questions that need to be answered as we head into one of the best times of the year.

Will Duke continue its ACC tournament dominance with clearly a sub-par team?

If Dick Vitale has his way, yes. Fortunately for us Duke haters, Dickie V doesn't have much say in the matter. Of course he'll throw his .02 on the matter during the tournament and make it completely unwatchable, but I don't think he can help a clearly limited team this year. ACC semi-finals at best for the Dukies.

Will anybody in the Northeast have a vested interest in the tourney after the first weekend?

No. Not even close. They may not even make it to the first weekend. In the northeast we have Boston College who's probably in, but will be fodder for a mid-major, or disappointing big time conference team. The Eagles would piss themselves if they drew as an 8 seed, an Alabama as a 9. UConn is still questionable to make the Big East Tournament if I'm not mistaken, and Syracuse, and UMass are still a year or two away.

What's wrong with Florida?

Nothing. The SEC is talented from top to bottom, and they just happened to lose two league games in a row. They'll still be there near the end of the tournament with an Elite 8, Final 4 appearance.

Is the Big-10 for Real?

I still say no, but that's just b/c I hate the Big-10 with a passion. Ohio State is being run by a very very young backcourt, which usually spells doom for a team in the tournament. Wisconsin is the best bet for the Big-10, but what happens when they hit an elite team with speed that also has the depth to run non-stop for 40 minutes?

What conference will show the best in the tournament?

The SEC. It shouldn't surprise anybody if Florida, Vanderbilt, and one other SEC team find themselves in the Elite 8 depending upon where they are seeded.

Gun to head National Champ?

North Carolina.


Nightly Links

I'm sure people have heard about Ryan Freel on should be known that thatguysports friend The Big Lead had the story first.

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Last but not least, check out this cheapshot on thatguysportsblog, and alternate Bustonian Teammate (b/c I'm an alternate, not full-time player) Keith Aucoin in an AHL hockey game this weekend.

The hit happens at 6 seconds.

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