Thursday, February 08, 2007

What are the Dallas Cowboys Thinking?

According to an report, Wade Phillips will be named Dallas Cowboys head football coach sometime today.

Yes, you read that right. Wade Phillips.

In a league in which young coaches like Sean Payton and Eric Mangini revitalized fledgling programs, Jerry Jones selects Wade Phillips. He of an 0-3 playoff record, and a 45-35 career coaching record for the Bills and Broncos.

Mind you, this comes on the heels of a failed attempt by Dennis Green and Art Shell to rejuvenate their coaching careers with the Arizona Cardinals and Oakland Raiders respectively.

When will these owners learn....retread coaches just don't work. They may win you some games, but they're certainly not "the answer" when it comes to long-standing stability.

Jason Garrett is the coach of this team by '09 at the latest.


martyogelvie said...

Your last statement said it all.
Jason Garrett will be the coach and Jerry needed some type of fall guy. Some one he could brush aside in a couple of years. I personally like Wade Phillips more than Norv Turner, but I am a defense first type of guy.

mh said...

If you’re gonna replace a fat guy who lost his touch years ago and can’t win a playoff game, you definitely want to hire another fat guy who never had a touch and can’t win a playoff game.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Bill Belichick a retread?

That Guy said...

anon. thats everybodys take on it...but at least belichick has a superbowl ring as a coordinator.

Full disclosure: I took a huge leap of faith with that comment hoping that wade phillips doesn't have one as a coordinator. If he does, i'll still say that he sucks.

Anonymous said...


But Norv Turner has a few I think from his days w/ Dallas. Dallas probably thinks Phillips can get the most out of their 3-4 talent, which there is a lot of.