Friday, February 02, 2007

Ted Johnson Story

Today's Boston Globe has a tough story to read for this Patriots and fooball fan. It is being reported that due to some possible mishandling of his treatment with concussions, Ted Johnson is suffering from various post-concussion syndrome symptoms, and there is a direct correlation between being forced to come back too soon and when these symptoms began.

I don't know how to react to this one...its a tough story to say the least.

Bear in mind, I'd absolutley trade depression, drug addiction, memory loss, etc for the chance to play in the NFL. I mean half of my buddies from a D3 football program could've been considered addicted to aderol in college....not to mention the other reasons half of us don't remember shit. I mean my back hurts nonstop but that may be more due to my fat nature than any football injury.

I just hope this doesn't turn into a witch hunt. Bill Belichick reportedly admitted to Johnson that a mistake was made, and Johnson seemed ok with the results of their conversations. This better not turn into something more than it is unfortunate story, but one that isn't rare and shouldn't be foreign to those that get paid millions of dollars to play a sport.


Anonymous said...

First of all I think we can assume that his side effects can be attributed to certain things other than concussions, but it goes to show you the length that Belichick will extend to. One of the glaring quotes is how Johnson responded to Belichick about needing to see him play with "You've seen me play for 7 years?" That is the truth, a guys' skill level may dimish but Ted Johnson was not going to become a better athlete or a 3 down player. Belichick is an outstanding football coach, but his social skills and ability to relate w/ professional football players' is in question here.

Shoota said...

Ya, but at least his son probably isn't on heroin.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Johnson's current condition, but the fact remains that he would have been interested in returning to the team when Junior Seau was injured, so you naturally have to question his motives here.

zballs said...

Check out former Harvard football player and WWE wrestler Chris Nowinski's book on post concussion syndrome. It's horrible what he goes through.

Scott said...

this is just more fuel for the media's constant desire to push belichick out of new england and go back to the rod rust days.

i say that and i also realize that this is a really sad story about one of my all time favorite players.

zballs said...

Here's the link to that Nowinski book.