Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dad, thanks for not doing this to me when I was at Bates

UConn's signeed Greg Lloyd Junior, son of former Steeler Greg Lloyd:

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On Saturday, Lloyd will become 18, and a protective order preventing his
father from having any contact with him will expire. "I can't protect him
anymore," his mother, Rhonda Lloyd, told the Hartford Courant. "That's a scary
thought for me." "I'm living great without him in my life," Greg Jr. said. "I
don't have to be scared every day. That's much better than the way I was living
back when he was around." The elder Lloyd was accused of sticking a gun in his
son's mouth in 2001, apparently due to the child's school grades. Two trials on
criminal charges arising from the incident resulted in hung juries. The issue
did not go to trial a third time. The younger Lloyd isn't interested in
rekindling a relationship with his father. "If he said he wanted to try again, I
would say no," Greg Jr. said. "It's too late for that." Lloyd was an All-Pro for
the Steelers in the 1990s. He pleaded no contest in 2004 to pointing a gun at
his wife's head.

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