Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl Reaction


Does Rex Grossman suck or what??? That's about all I took from the Superbowl last night. The Colts were content to run the football (because Urlacher sucks, and is the most overrated player in the NFL) knowing the entire time that if they stopped the run, they'd let Grossman lose the game for the Bears. And that's exactly what happened.

I will say this: Peyton Manning did NOT deserve the MVP. That's as clear as anything after this game. Joseph Addai / Dominick Rhodes could have been co-MVP's, or even Bob Sanders was more deserving than Manning. But of course, the national media is able to wax poetic about Manning, the "first family of football" and how he only has one fewer MVP than Tom Brady.

yawn. At least it rained all game long....that's all I was rooting for.

Some observations:

- What was with all of the half-and-half jerseys that people had in the crowd yesterday. I mean I understand the geography of these two teams, but were people from Indiana that live closer to Chicago really "torn" as to who they should root for? A good friend of mine from out that way has legitimately been a fan of both teams for I guess those in that area couldn't lose last night?

More examples of how the Midwest is weird.

- Here's ESPNs coverage of the Superbowl.

- CNNSI's coverage of the Superbowl.

- Peter King does it again. In today's MMQB, Peter gives us this gem.

Offensive Player of the Week
Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis. For all the
reasons listed above, plus this one: Five scoring drives in the first three
decisive quarters, and the ability to neutralize Brian Urlacher for much of the
night (except for a brilliant deflected pass early) by disguising so much of
what he does. Nine years is a long time to wait for a championship, but I have a
feeling we won't have to wait nine more for Manning's second one.

Please stop Peter. You're awful. Jeff Saturday was the offensive player of the week for his job on Urlacher, not Peyton Manning. Come on Peter. Terrible.

Decent week coming up even though football ended last night. National signing day is Wednesday, and college hoops picks up. All is not lost!


bigfin said...

A couple things Andrew if I may, as last night's game made me even more bitter about my trip to Indy two weeks ago:

Could you first let me know who actually won the Superbowl this year? Was it Peyton Manning or the Indianapolis Colts? I thought it was the Colts, but some of these "experts" on TV are confusing me.

Apparently the voters for MVP in this year's Superbowl were allowed to cast their votes based on Manning's performance in the AFC Championship game and not the actual Superbowl. Why even have the award if you aren't going to give it to the actual player that was most valuable in the game?

The game was terrible. Not as atrocious as last year's game, but still a very bad football game to watch.

Did you notice how Mr. MVP said practically the EXACT some thing in each of his separate interviews/press conferences after the game. At one point, we flipped from NFL Network and his press conference and then went back to ESPN for a tape of his sideline interview and then back to NFL for the cbs on field reporter and he said the same response word for word to the different reporters...and I mean exact same he has thought long and hard of a script to say the past two weeks. Just didn't seem genuine.

I don't think Urlacher sucks. I think it would be hard to name 2 or three ILBs in the leauge that I would rather have on the Pats next year than him.

I've been told from my moles in Indianapolis that the local media has reported that Manning will actually walk on water during the Colts victory parade this afternoon.

I can't wait for the Patriots go to Indy next September to open the NFL season.

That Guy said...

He only got the MVP so the media can say he has almost a many MVP's as Brady does.

Scott said...

I would like to add that tonight at 9pm, we can watch future Celtic, Kevin Durant go up against a tough Texas A&M squad.

I give Grossman until October before he loses his job. It's going to be the story of training camp.

mh said...

call me immature, but this line from peter king absolutely slayed me today:

7. I think this is what I didn't like about Super Bowl XLI:

a. Rex Grossman floating balls deep.

Anonymous said...

Briggs is better than Urlacker