Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dick Vitale is Awful

Heading into last night's BC vs Duke game on ACC Wednesday on ESPN I knew I wasn't going to see an unbiased telecast. Certainly not with Duke supporter Dick Vitale court side.

But I really didn't think it would be half as bad as it was.

For starters, did ESPN have to show us 17 replays of Coack K doing his "white mans pump up" to his team after BC took a timeout with 5 min left in the first half? One replay, sure, I can live with that. But in excess of 10 of them? All of which Vitale screaming "Coach K is fired up!" "That's intensity baby" "Look at that man coach" "I can't wait to give Coach K his Valentines Day gift!" (I made that last one up). It was aggravating.

But usually you could expect some unbiased play-by-play out of Mike Patrick. Nope, not last night. He must have lauded the Official that Jared Dudley bumped for not giving him a Technical Foul what, 5 times? How about you point out that IT WAS A HORRIBLE CALL IN THE FIRST PLACE??? BC got jobbed in the first half - as most teams do that play Duke - but not one mention of it. None.

I've seen Vitale numerous times suck off Duke and all things Coach K time and time again, but I didn't see it as bad as it was last night. It legitimately made me throw up a little.

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