Wednesday, February 28, 2007

People Care about PacMan Jones

There is an outpouring of support for PacMan Jones and a slew of hope for him to straighten things out, according to this ESPN article.

I'd like to point out: I wish I had such low expectations of me from my family.

I worry every day about him. I got this age number -- if he can just make it to
26, I think he'll be OK. ... But his daddy didn't make it past 26. I worry, and
I hope and pray that [Pacman] can go beyond that and many, many more years. Me
and his mother both talk about that all the time." -- Willie Louise Davis,
Pacman Jones' grandmother.

I mean making it to age 26 may be a bit of a stretch there Grammy.

And this clown gets to play a sport that I'd play for free. All year long.

Again, I bring up the fact that PacMan Jones watched the draft, and had a camera in there for ESPN from the VIP room of either a strip club or a night club.

I immediately said to myself: "Wow Jeff Fisher must want that pick back."

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