Sunday, February 18, 2007

This is Why Athletes Hate the Media

Regardless of whether you're a Boston fan or not, you should all read this despicable column by Dan Shaugnessy of the Boston Globe. For those not familiar with him, "Shank (as we call him)" was the clown who wrote the book about the Curse of the Bambino and made a bunch of money on it, only to come out with this gem after the Red Sox won the world series.

Red Sox-Yankees has evolved into the very best drama in all of sports and with
that comes no shortage of themes, which are often silly or contrived (remember
The Curse of the Bambino?). - Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe

So clearly he's not the most consistent writer on the planet.

Well, the other thing you have to realize is that Shank can't just write about the Red Sox, the Patriots, or any other sports team or story in the world, he always has to interject himself into the piece. Today was no different.

But he also has a
propensity to shut it down, and we never know why. And please, don't be a stooge
and attempt to perpetuate the farcical theory that Manny was too wounded to play
last September. Every man in the Sox clubhouse knows what went down; teammates
simply wouldn't say anything on the record, lest they risk "losing"

The amazing part of the Manny-fan relationship is that
most Boston baseball customers, who are normally critical and discerning, have
lost their minds when it comes to Mr. Ramírez. The timeless rules and standards
don't apply. Manny can hit. It's a joy to watch him hit. And it's pretty clear
that he's incapable of offending the sensibilities of most Sox

That's all you really have to read. To sum up: Shank knows that his teammates are upset with the way Manny ended the season last year, even though we've never heard from any of them - not even a "leak," but Shank knows that. Furthermore, Shank is just down right angry that the fans of the Red Sox clearly don't vilify Manny Ramirez quite like Shank feels they should, or perhaps feels they would have in the past.

Here's how the rest of the season will play out:

- If Manny steps up and is the great soldier this year, Shank will somehow attribute this article as part of the reason why. There will be some type of piece in June or July about how the pressure on Manny to perform really got to him this year, so he's stepping up nicely. He just didn't want to have to hear it from the media again, thank Dan Shaughnessy everybody.


- Manny shuts it down again, or becomes a distraction again. Shank will continue to bring this up, until finally a teammate or Manny himself goes off. And then Shank will say "I told you so."

Book it, and rest assured, I'll point it out when it happens - and it WILL happen.

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