Wednesday, February 07, 2007

National Signing Day

Check back here today for updates as declarations are made, I'm hoping to update a few times today with latest news.

Some questions heading into signing day that will be answered:

- Can Nick Saban bring a top flight class to Alabama?
- Will Randy Shannon start to turn around the University of Miami today (He's had a great last week with changing a few verbals from other schools to considering the U).
- Who can top Urban Meyer?
- Will coach tummy-tuck Charlie Weiss improve a defense that is horrendous, or will he just hope and pray that Jimmy Claussen doesn't royally suck like his brothers did.
- How will BC do today?

Check back today as you wish for some info.

This is way better than blogging about the NBA and/or the NHL.


Gubbins said...

Do you really care about this?

bigfin said...

Has anyone had a press conference yet today to declare they're going to Bates or Bowdoin?