Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Major League Baseball Steroid Talk!!!

Hey have you heard about Major League Baseball and the possibility that players were on steroids????

If the answer is "no," then I suggest you get out of your cave, dig out of your hole, and thank your lucky stars that you've been out of the loop.

I actually hate steroid talk. I think its lame, there's just nothing else to talk about right now in the world of sports, now that Manny Ramirez reported to Red Sox Spring Training before he was originally reported to do so.

But there are some times that the sheer hilarity of the situation requires me to comment on it. I mean lets be serious for a second, if I wasn't going to comment on it, then I wouldn't be "that guy," and clearly, I am that guy.

Anyways, Gary Sheffield says the players union calls the steroid investigation a "witch hunt." Here is how Wikipedia defines witch hunt (and obviously if its on wikipedia it must be true):

Metaphorical use
In modern terminology 'witch-hunt' also has a metaphorical usage, referring to the act of seeking and persecuting any perceived enemy, particularly when the search is conducted using extreme measures and with little regard to actual guilt or innocence.

Little regard to actual guilt or innocent.

Hey Gary, weren't you already implicated in the Balco investigation? You're guilty. You've already been proven as guilty. So where's the witch hunt? Can somebody explain to me what this juice-monkey is talking about?

Go ahead and don't cooperate, I actually enjoy the stories from time to time of the ridiculous excuses, blatant lies, and classic denials. Especially from a scumbag like Sheffield.


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