Friday, January 05, 2007

NFL Wildcard Weekend, Game Previews

This weekend the NFL takes center stage of the football world with the first round of the playoffs, Wildcard weekend.

thatguysports has the breakdown the way I see them for all the match ups.

Indianapolis -7 vs Kansas City
The "hot" upset pick this weekend...and for good reason. The Colts can't stop the run, the Chiefs can run the ball well. Larry Johnson is a workhorse, and the Colts can't stop the run. Have you heard that the Colts can't stop the run?

Question: Can the Chiefs stop the Colts? I say no. Not even close.

This game will go just like the Cincy game a few weeks ago. You'll be nervous as a Colts fan for the first quarter. Then you'll realize that Trent Green is the KC Quarterback, and at some point he'll have to throw the football. The reality of this game is that the Chief's have to score on every possession, and that's just not going to happen. I read somewhere last week that Indy wants to have 10 possessions per game, and score on 5 of them. 3 TD's and 2 FG's. Thats 27 points.

You tell me how KC puts 28 on the board. Even if they DO run the ball. Indy wins and covers.

Seattle -2 1/2 vs Cowboys

The battle of no defense. Seattle's GM called me this morning to play Corner for them, that's how bad their injury situation is at Cornerback. And Dallas has TO opposite Terry Glenn. Conversely, Dallas has issues covering anybody with their first team defensive players; so where do we go for this one?

Here's what I look at, Seattle's Offensive Line stinks. They lost players to Free Agency and injury from last year's Superbowl runner up squad, its just not the same. Dallas plays well on the road, and played in a very tough division (NFC East, 3 playoff teams). Dallas covers the # on the road, perhaps winning outright. Dalls +2 1/2

New York Football Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles -7

I know what you're thinking. No brainer, right? NYG only needed to win 1 of its last 3 games because the stars aligned and everybody lost that they needed to. Their QB stinks, Strahan is hurt, Kiwianuka lets QB's run away from him without tackling them, their Defense stinks, and their coach is just about out. Oh and their #1 WR hates getting hit, and their TE wants the ball all game long whether he's open or not.

On the other side of the ball are the Eagles. The "story" this postseason. Rise from the rags of losing Donovan McNabb. Stout defense, attacking defense, and raucous home crowd on their side.

Here's what I know about the Giants though, 8-8 is not a wonderful record. But have you looked at their schedule? They have played playoff teams 9 times this year. 2 of their division mates made the playoffs, but of their non-divisional opponents, half their games were against playoff teams. The Eagles? 2 fewer games against playoff teams. That Giants schedule was BRUTAL.

The Giants beat Philadelphia in Phillie this year, early in the year, granted. But I just don't see this game having a touchdown differential. Phillie may win, but they don't cover. Giants +7 is the play here.

Finally, the Mangenius vs the Mad Genius (thanks to the Post for that one).

NY Jets @ New England Patriots (-8 1/2)

Take the Patriots to win. Take the Jets to cover. The back door is WIIIIDE open with this one. Pats will dominate this game, and win in a classic "score not indicative of the game" Patriots manner. It happens all the time, quite frankly.

The Patriots are pissed, but at a certain point, Belichick will call off the dogs and allow the time to roll off the clock.

Jets to cover, Patriots to win. Good luck all.


Boston Nation said...

Jets getting over a touchdown=lock of the week. Go Pats!

Anonymous said...

Andrew, Mark M here.

Trent Green Sucks. 0 for 7 on first downs. 3 inty's no points. Edwards Suck Too!!!!! oh by the way KC sucks!!!

Anonymous said...

Mark M again.

going for 2 Miracles do Happen!!!.

Maybe the Chiefs are alive?

Doudtful.. Edwards and Green still suck!!!!