Monday, January 01, 2007

Reaction to the Death of Darrent Williams

Granted I didn't know much about Darrent Williams other than he played well against the Patriots every time he played them, but by all accounts he was a consummate professional. It sounds as if there may have been an altercation at a nightclub last night and things clearly got out of hand.

Its a sad state of affairs, but as far as I'm concerned, if you're famous, stay home. Or go somewhere you can ensure security.

Joey Porter was shot in Denver (whats with Denver, does it always happen out there?), Paul Pierce was stabbed in Boston, Sebastian Telfair had an incident in New York, nearly 1/4 of the Bengals have had problems with guns, the list goes on and on.

Its unfortunate, but athletes are targets wherever they go.

You just don't know nowadays. Who has a gun, who has a knife, who has anything.

To all of my favorite athletes: Please stay home.

For more on this story stick with ESPN. They seem to be the best site around with updates.

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