Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is What I Have Left

How lame is the world of sports right now if your team isn't involved in the Superbowl and you're not the biggest NBA or NHL fan in the world?

-- The NHL is getting new uniforms for the All Star game. That's a story? And not only that, but why is it a big deal? Am I missing something?

I don't know how the players are going to respond to the new look. They might
love it. Or they might hate it. But I do wonder why the league isn't taking a
little more time to institute the change. What's the rush? I've never heard one
player or fan ever voice displeasure with the current uniform. Why not make sure
the players, a good majority of the players, are onside with the change?

What the hell are they talking about? Isn't this just new shirts and padded pants/shorts???? What is the NHL doing, changing the amount of pads a player wears? I actually just heard on the radio that these uniforms are going to make players 9% faster. Again, what the hell are they talking about? and why couldn't I make myself 9% faster in Division 3 college football?

Hockey is weird.

Oh and you can find the NHL All Star festivities on some obscure cable channel that nobody knows the number for. I think its found between the Home Improvement channel and Animal Planet.

-- Bill Parcells retired again. Yawn. Will he retire? Who the hell knows. He still hasn't won a thing without Bill Belichick around.

-- Thatguysports dream draft pick for the Patriots, Michael Griffin of Texas apparently flew around at the Senior Bowl practice yesterday. This guy would be a terrific piece to the puzzle for the New England secondary.

-- Get cheered up from a Patriots loss by reading barstoolsports. They have pictures of chicks there.

There you have it.....pitiful.

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Mike said...

Almost time to shut down the blog and then comeback with some new format. A little more edgy maybe? Sorta like when Kramer had the Merv Griffin set in his apartment and was doing his interviews.