Monday, January 01, 2007

The Tennessee Titans are Dirty

I'm sure ESPN hasn't jumped on this story because its far too controversial for them to deal with, as well as the fact that they'd have to criticize media-golden boy Jeff Fisher, but the Tennessee Titans put one one of the most despicable displays of dirty football that I can remember in the NFL yesterday.

Early in the game Vince Young threw the ball to Bobby Wade, and Wade was drilled (legally) by Rodney Harrison. Next play, Wade caught Rodney Harrison with a cheap shot cut block on top of his surgically repaired knee. Watch the play, he actually took a worse angle to get him on that knee, and blocked the wrong side of his body.

Here's what I know: When Teddy Bruschi sees a replay and goes after Wade, he thinks its dirty too.

When Bill Belichick starts throwing the ball with Vinny Testaverde in the game, with an extra "F-you," he thinks its dirty too.

Oh, and memo to Pac Man Jones, sure, you're a good kick and punt returner, and you're obviously fast....but if you're going to talk as much trash as you do, don't get TORCHED by Reche Caldwell for two long plays. And when I say torched, I mean completely torched. Embarrassed. Humiliated.

The Titans are a joke. Enjoy your first round of golf tomorrow.


Frank Strovel III said...

Wade's hit was not only legal but happens all the time. If it were so wrong we would've seen a penalty and we'd be talking league fines--but we're not. Seems to me Harrison is just fragile. He sure does get hurt a lot. Maybe it's HIM.

That Guy said...

Legal doesn't have anything to do with dirty in my book.

I think the reality is that, sure, Wade did block Harrison legally, but it wasn't necessary to go low there.

It was a cheap play. Cheap and legal are not mutually exclusive.

When Brian Cox had his leg broken by the Broncos in 2001 it was on a legal block, but it was still dirty.

That Guy said...

How about Maewae pile picking all game long (we've seen enough of that when he was with the Jets, and Vanden Bosch going low at Brady's knee in the endzone?

Anonymous said...

good pick with UT, ahha, clearly you showed your lack of SEC knowledge on this one. UT has no QB, and thus could not sustain a decent drive against an underated Penn State defense.

On another note, I read your rant about the worst official in the NFL. Hands down it goes to the dolt who called the coin toss with Jerome Bettis.

While I'm at it, I'll chime in on your whining about a dirty play by the Titans. Um, its football, dirty plays happen, so get over it. The reason ESPN or any other network is not covering it is because its a non-issue outside of New England.

I'm sure there are untold droves of self proclaimed sports know it alls, currently pouring over their archives of Pats games on Tivo and writing scathing letters to the folks down in Connecticut, but get over it; Playoffs are coming.

That Guy said...

UT's problem isn't Ainge.

They were down 7 with under 5 to play after the fumble return, you become one dimensional at that point.

Sure dirty things happen in the NFL but usually its not a shit team who's season is over (Titans) against a good team with Superbowl aspirations (Patriots) when it happens.

Anonymous? Surely someone as opinionated as yourself has the stones to register?