Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Boise State-Oklahoma: Wow

I am absolutely dragging ass today after staying up to watch what is the best college football game I can remember.

I talked to my father this morning and he, like I almost did, went to bed in disgust after OU returned that interception for a touchdown. I thought they were done as well. Unbelievable game.

I have never seen 3 gadget plays work nearly in succession but you can see why they would.

The hook and ladder took place right at the stakes. Usually you can see that sort of play develop as it goes. Not this one. I actually thought the Boise State receiver was trying to make too much out of the play and was going to cost them a first down as he had it if he ran north/south rather than east/west.

And the statue of liberty play. Wow. When Zabransky threw the ball but I saw nothing, I actually thought the center still had the ball, when I saw Johnson reach for it, I jumped off my couch. Unreal game.

The IT nazi's here have blocked youtube, so check back later today for the video of the plays in question to be on here. Unreal game.

Oh and as a shock to nobody, my picks sucked royal ass again last night. Typical.

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