Saturday, January 13, 2007

NFL Picks: Divisional Playoff

Great weekend up in the northeastfor football as the weather kind of sucks, so there's no issues with hunkering down on the couch and taking in what should be 4 great games.

On to the picks:

Baltimore -4 vs Indianapolis:

I have gone back and forth on this one, which clearly shows my weakness. I'm buying into the Colts for absolutely no reason. The Ravens are a classic bad match up for this team. Manning played like CRAP last week and needed to play against the most pitiful playoff team in my lifetime, the Chiefs to sneak out with a win. Brian Billick won't simply run straight ahead time after time after telling the Colts all week long that's what they were going to do.

Baltimore wins and covers at home. Manning throws up all over himself again in January.

NO Saints -6 vs Philadelphia:

Phillie stinks. Nobody will convince me otherwise. They had to get lucky to beat the Giants last week, and the Giants stink as well. The Saints are legitimately good, blitzing Drew Brees shouldn't be effective, and I think Jeff Garcia comes down to earth in this one.

Lay the points, the Saints cover.

Chicago -9.5 vs Seattle:

This is just too many points to lay in a game that may have crappy weather. One fluke touchdown, or one bad pass from Grossman gives the Seahawks life to cover the number here. I don't think there is a snowballs chance in hell the Seahawks win this game, but my money is on the covering. Barely.

Last but not least: Patriots +4 @ San Diego.

Patriots win and cover. They shock an incredibly overconfident bunch from So-Cal.


Isolate4Cash said...

There really are so many awesome matchups this year! You gotta love it!

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Estonianzulu said...

2-2 this round; but god did I want the Pats to loose, just because poor Schottenheimer deserves the win more than that arrogant Belichick.

That Guy said...

Its not arrogance when you're Belichick...its simply "being the best."