Sunday, January 21, 2007

Immediate Reactions to AFC Championship Game, Patriots vs Colts

Bear with me as I'm in total shock.

Some immediate things I don't understand, or want to comment on:

- why get away from the defensive game plan that you had through most of the first half? the Patriots attacked and covered for 1 3/4 quarters, played a prevent at the end of the half, then sat in cover 2 for the bulk of the 3rd quarter as the Patriots let the Colts run free in the secondary.

- Jim Nantz had to have his life savings on the Colts in this game....I don't think I've heard a guy as excited when one team scored and as depressed when the other team scored in my life. And I've watched a LOT of football.

- What was in the water on the New England sideline tonight? Guys were dripping like flies left and right in the second half. By my count these starters missed time tonight: Seymour, Colvin, Hawkins, Warren, Wilfork. that's unreal.

- Spend your ass off next year Patriots. You have a ton of money available. Go get Lance Briggs, and go get a slot receiver. Draft a safety in the first round and coach him up from May through August. Turn him into a starter. Go do it.

- Last but certainly not least, all the credit in the world to Peyton Manning. He played great tonight, the Patriots had no answers, and I give him all the credit.

That's all I have for now - more analysis tomorrow. I've lost the will to even write this at this juncture.

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