Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Herpes Ruins Everything

Following up on our professional wrestling piece from yesterday morning, here's something from the world of amateur wrestling.

The state of Minnesota suspended play for their high school wrestling league because of an outbreak of herpes.

This is strange. I feel like I had cold sores in high school (especially in the winter) and they didn't have to cancel a season. I mean granted I didn't wrestle, but in my opinion there is more going on here than competition to spread this outbreak.

Maybe there was some outlandish high school wrestling groupie story that led to this.

But how does it explain the other box on the page that has South Dakota also worried about a herpes outbreak?

This story is weird to me. South Dakota and Minnesota are obviously strange places.


Anonymous said...

So this confirms it. All wrestlers are fags.

Shoota said...

Ya, but they don't do those things in a sexual way. Its just to show dominance

mh said...

tscz, stop wrestling in north dakota

Anonymous said...


To steal from your 10 year old wittiness, I was wrestling with your mom and contracted them.

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