Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bring on the Colts

Some quick-hit reactions to this weeks performance from the greatest football team in the modern era:

- All week long I couldn't understand where this Marty-bashing came from. Well, I saw him in action. They have a shot to tie and possibly take the lead in this game if he has 1 timeout remaining at the end of the game. And the only reason he doesn't have any, is because he challenged an absolutely ridiculous play when the Chargers intercepted Brady and Troy Brown stripped it from him.

on Patriots 5th Quarter, Michael Felger said that Philip Rivers said he saw something on the jumbo-tron, and that he told Shottie to challenge that play. You just can't do that as a professional coach. If he loses his job this week, he should know that its deserved.

- The "You Suck" award goes to Ladanian Tomlinson. Be a man and shake an opponents hand after a game you loser. Sure, you had a great season...but your team choked it away. I didn't realize the MVP could start a fight after the game and nobody says a word to you. To LT, you suck.

What, you didn't like a visiting team celebrating on your field? Here's a tip: Don't run your mouth all week about how much you're going to kill them, don't have pep rallies like a high school team where your steroid freak outside linebacker gets the crowd to chant "Brady Sucks!"

- Troy Brown is the smartest football player in the NFL - nobody will convince me otherwise.

- Reche Caldwell, welcome back to Southern Cal.

- Adam who?

I'll have much more tomorrow morning, but its hard to type with this shit-eating grin on my face.

I'll leave you with this:

You saw plays made by a winning organization today - and you saw plays made by a losing organization today. I'm glad I support the winners and not the bunch of LOSERS.

Hows your own vomit taste San Diego? Choke it away, losers.

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Anonymous said...

if you don't like the opposition celebrating at midfield, then maybe you should win. Just a thought LT.