Friday, January 05, 2007

Don Shula: Shut the Up.

Don Shula sounded off about Nick Saban yesterday. It was more typical drivel from the senile "super coach" as he is obviously doubly bent at Alabama for firing his idiot kid and hiring Saban away from his beloved Dolphins.

Does Shula know that Miami hasn't been relevant since Dave Wansteidt failed to win anything of importance after doing well during the regular season? If it weren't for the Quarterback position in Buffalo, Miami would be most useless team in the AFC East.

Some of Shula's comments:

• That Saban let the Dolphins down: "He has run
away from the challenge."
• That Saban lied: "It's
unbelievable. There were four or five direct statements that were blatant lies.
That tells you a little bit about the guy."
• That Saban quit: "That's obvious. He quit. He
• That Saban is a fraud: "What other conclusion
can you draw? The guy likes to hear himself talk and then doesn't follow up on
what he says."

Wow, an NFL coach didn't tell his secrets and "lied" to cover them up. That never happens Don. Earth to Shula, if somebody asks Bill Belichick today if he's going to throw or run more this Sunday, my bet is that he lies about it.

On Saban "quitting," um, who wouldn't quit that situation? He got paid more money, for longer years, to work 1/2 the amount. Yeah that's a difficult thing to comprehend right Don.

The facts are this: Miami sucks, the franchise sucks, their stadium sucks, their facilities suck. Mike Shula was fired a year after a 10-2 season because he's lost 5 straight to Auburn, and that 10-2 season SHOULD have been 11-1 and a shot at the BCS if he wasn't the most conservative coach in he world. He got fired for playing to tie against Arkansas and losing in OT. He got fired for throwing throughout the entire first half against Florida, taking a lead, and sitting on it only to cough it up in the 2nd half. He got fired for running on 1st and 10, 2nd and 7, and only trying to throw on 3rd and 6.

Shula coaches in the SEC like he is coaching a C-level Pop Warner team. Iso doesn't work as the first play every game. And throwing doesn't work when its obvious you're going to throw. Other than that, Shula did a great job.

So there you have it Don. Move on. Sit tight for the next few months and when the first NFL team goes 4-0 next year, you can have your little interviews about the '72 undefeated season.

Your kid is going to coach in Jacksonville next year, so you can start calling Del Rio to whine and cry if he doesn't get his way from now on.

Roll TIDE Roll


Estonianzulu said...

Wow, are there any SEC teams you dont like? First, I have to say, Saban did take the easy route. He left a Dolphins team which he helped stagnate and he did tell a bold faced lie.

I've seen numerous clips of Saban saying he was not going to take and was not offered the Alabama job. Its one thing for a coach to not give out his game plan when asked. Its another for a coach to say one thing and do the exact opposite. It happens, I'll admit, but don't defend him for his lies.

Saban did quit. He had signed a contract, he broke it to take more money. Im not saying I wouldnt do it, but it happened. Mike Shula got a bit of a raw deal. He inherited a program that did not have potential. With the sanctions finally lifted, Saban can take credit for using the team Shula put together to win games.

After Price was fired for things no one can prove he did, Alabama hired a very young Shula to help fix a program on the verge of sinking. Look at the 2003 season, when all the problems of 2002 exploded. Shula improved the program in 2004 and in 2005.

Shula was fired for going 6-6, but really he was fired for not being Paul Bryant, the same reason all 'Bama coaches have been fired since. If Shula had taken a lead against Florida, and then lost after throwing the ball 75% of the time, he would have been blamed for not running the clock down.

The run-run-pass method is a tried and true tactic, especially when your offense is not the most explosive (see: Alabama). Are you going to blame Arkansas for using McFadden more than throwing the ball? A coach has to play to his team's strengths and his opponent's weaknesses. SEC teams tend to be fast defensively, but not always the toughest. Forcing the line to play tough is one way to try to gain an advantage. It worked last year, this year it did not.

Anonymous said...

Saban will be coaching Penn State in 2009.

That Guy said...

I am a Bama guy first, SEC second, whoever is playing ND or the Big10 3rd. So if the SEC is one of them it gets multiplied. Now that thats out of the way,

The Arkansas offense is WAY different than the Tide under Shula. When I say "run" i don't mean double reverse trick play run. I mean "Hand off to the running back straight ahead" run.

Arkansas used formations, motions, shifts, etc to outflank the D. Shula ran straight ahead into a DT time and time again, then was forced to throw on 3rd and 6.

I still don't know if SHula knows what a screen pass is.

Estonianzulu said...

Well, given the love affair Notre Dame had with the screen pass this year, im surprised you like it.

Personally; I hate the screen pass 95% of the time. Seeing it fool redzone defenders is nice though.

Anonymous said...

Estonianzulu get your facts straight. The only coaches (other than shula) fired by alabama since Bryant were Dubose (for breaking every NCAA rule ever written under his watch) and Price (for getting his name and alabama all over the news for getting drunk and sleeping around with some stripper). Perkins, Curry, Stallings and Fran all left for their own reasons. Shula was fired because he could not coach. If he is such a good coach why is not some other team pro or college trying to hire him.