Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bill Polian At it Again

In a shocking turn of events, the Colts Official Website has an interview with Bill Polian today.

Guess what he complains about? THE OFFICIATING!!!!!

In all honesty, I may hate Bill Polian more than any other individual in professional athletics.

Some gems:

Question: A 15-6 victory over the Baltimore Ravens in an AFC Divisional
Playoff Saturday. A second consecutive convincing performance by the Colts'
defense. Kicker Adam Vinatieri converted five field goals and, in general, it
was a low-scoring game with no touchdowns . . .

Answer: Adam came through as we certainly hoped that he would. The game was
kind of a unique game, but I think it’s just apropos of the kind of officiating
that has been going on. When you have blitzing teams and you allow that
downfield stuff, such as what happened to (Colts wide receiver) Reggie Wayne,
you’re going to limit offense. That’s the net of it. You encourage the
power-running game, you discourage the passing game and if you’re limited to a
running game, it’s rare that you can do what we did in the fourth quarter and
take the game over with a power-running attack. I worry not so much about us -
we can play any style – but I worry about what kind of a game we’re getting when
we allow so much rough stuff down the field. Whether or not the league office
says that was a foul or should have been a foul, I don’t know, but Bill Levy is
a great official. I know he’s nothing if not an honest guy and the explanation
he gave I think is what the officials have been told. That worries me some. You
went something like two-and-a-half games before a touchdown was scored? That’s
not good, when the best teams play that way. That’s not good for the health of
the game. I think that was certainly a contributing factor to a low-scoring

Q: Is there anything that can be done about it?

A: The Competition Committee, I know, will talk about it. Ozzie
Newsome, the Ravens’ general manager, and myself are two members of the
Competition Committee. Anytime you get a game that’s totally field goals, and
especially in the playoffs when you do, without question, have the four best
teams in the AFC left on that particular weekend, you ought to have more scoring
than that. Again, I think it’s something we have to look hard at. Not with
respect to individual games or individual teams, but what kind of a game are we
going to have going forward.

Bill you are so transparent. "Not with respect to individual games or individual teams." Bill, try having your Quarterback not throw to the other team 5 times in 2 games. That may help scoring.

I can't wait for the ticky-tack illegal contact penalties to come flying out of the woodwork this weekend.


tsczbaout said...

Novel idea with this sight, but I can't consistently read it because it is laced with subjective Patriots' analysis & I have consumed too much Patriot-mania. I want them to go away.

That Guy said...

ts I understand your point...the reality is that I am a die-hard Patriots fan. So obviously things will be slanted.

I'd go into the NFC but people just don't care. Its clearly a 2nd rate conference this year. Thus, the topic is Pats-Colts.

mh said...

where to start here?

first bill polian, you're a fag. shut up. you just want your team to have a competitive advantage. why don't you try and construct a team that plays well under the current rules instead of changing the damn rules.

second, tscz, you're a fag too. shut up. read the about me section on the front of this blog. it's obviously pro-patriots, he points that out clearly. you know what you're gonna get here, no surprises that he's gonna talk about the local football team. deal with it.

tsczbaout said...


First of all, find a job and take it more seriously than the Patriots, because you have zero affiliation with them. You've probably never competed beyond high school athletics in your life, back when you were a 2nd rate tennis player. You know zero about the Patriots and the game. If the Patriots do win, what do you receive, a tshirt and a hat. I get it, you're going to use the shirt as a beatrag while you look at a bobblehead of Tom Brady....Good post though.

mh said...

tscz, you're dead-on. Except:

1. I have a job
2. I never claimed to have an affiliation to the Patriots
3. I've never played competive tennis
4. I know more than you about football and the Patriots
5. I'm not even Patriots fan
6. Iuse your mothers face as my beatrag

tsczbaout said...

Mother Jokes?

Is it time for your midafternoon nap, that's pretty weak and it took you 15 minutes to think that up?

You know more about football?

Explain to me funnel technique in cover 2?

mh said...

Hey man, you started it with the Tom Brady bobblehead, and I would love a 15 minute nap, but like I said I have to work.

you mean funneling the wr's/te's to the inside toward your safety help, that shit's easy. why don't you google some more football terms and see what you can come up with...

That Guy said...

This is a landmark day in the history of thatguysports.

Our first argument on the comments board.

This is what I wanted this website to be.

The best part is that I only know one of the people arguing. This is awesome.

please continue.

bigfin said...

I don't think I know either of them and I still think that the posts are awesome. Maybe this could be a thing every Wednesday or something. That Guy, make it happen.

Grantland Rice said...

I was 100% sure this was some geek that played football with you in college and wanted to talk funneling...

tsczbaout said...

I'm not going to get into female-like back and forth jargon. Just look at your first post.

You're right. Corners are supposed to funnel their perimeter receivers to the high safeties or linebackers dropping into their curl areas. But, what if it's a pass play? Last time I checked, safeties don't backpedal if it's a run play, they get into their run fits and fill the alley. I received this info off google too, it's a great resource for technical football.

And Condoleeza Rice? I'm a geek for talking technically about football? Maybe I should talk about fantasy stats or generic 'EEI homerism.

Anonymous said...

That Guy you must continue to create these woman like exchanges. I agree, a once a week topic to get thier estrogin up would make this blog a little better than it is today.

Oh by the way you do a great job.

How's the strip joints in springfield!!!

mh said...

ok dick lebeau, i didn't know i had to give you every single scenario. and i was just busting balls. if you can't take it, go open up your high school yearbook and head down to the vfw to relive your glory days with people who actually give a shit about what you do and don't know.

Anonymous said...