Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weekend Update, Ultimate Tailgate

Just an unreal tailgate at the Patriots game today. oysters rockefeller, scallops in bacon, bbq wings, unreal ribs, steak, steak tips, it was all good. And a trip to the McDonalds stand at halftime for chicken mcnuggets and french fries, "just because (naturally got a Diet Coke, don't want to go overboard). "

I was planning to talk about the Patriots game to start today's notes, but I couldn't resist mentioning the fact that Fox just spent 5 minutes during the Eagles-Giants game talking about Eli Mannings dumbfounded look on his face is too funny to make up. He's had that look on his face for his entire career. Its called a lack of a "game face," and its part of the reason why he will NEVER win anything of merit. You can see him saying "Dang, shucks, golly gee" as he bobs his head back and forth, can't you?

24 on Fox next Sunday, in case you didn't know. Its a good show.

Some notes from the Patriots game:

- Gillete Stadium today was electric. It was the loudest I've heard it, and it was sustained for longer than I've ever seen. Great job Patriots fans.

- Can stadium security systems look for guys being homo's in the stands as well as looking for people who are up to no good? Some stiff kid in front of me today spend the entire game gazing into his girlfriends eyes while they rubbed their backs at the same time. It was gross.

- And the kids behind me who screamed at officials all game long was annoying as hell. Legitimately arguing against a false start penalty. How is that possible?

Next Sunday.....on Fox. 24. Its a good show. Starts in a week. Not sure if you knew that.

- Is it just me, or are NFL teams employing a very "j/v" strategy with substitution packages this year. I never remembered seeing teams hurry up to snap the ball to catch the other team in a 12 men on the field penalty, or the QB just falls down to get an offsides penalty. I don't remember it happening as much as it has lately. Maybe its just because of the specialized substitutions that go on in the NFL much more than normal.

- Florida is going to shock the world tomorrow. Nobody gives them a chance in this one. I, for one, think it is going to be a phenomenal contest.

- Is it just me, or are too many football players dying in too many strange ways these days. Bad things usually happen in 3's.....what's next?

- I don't understand how Tom Coughlin has the reputation of being a disciplinarian, yet the Giants average about 15 penalties per game. This is atrocious. They just held on a screen pass BEFORE the screen was set up. 1st and 30. Coach Ewald doesn't have a lot to call on 1st and 30.

- Finally, last but not least. Jackie McMullan is a horrible individual. I wonder how long she did research before she wrote her piece today about Asante Samuel and his contract. He's had 10 INT's for a couple weeks now, and has been virtually unthrowable to all season long. So she writes the article on the day of the first playoff game. This is why the Boston media sucks.


bigfin said...

Yes, the stadium was rockin.

For the record, I've had cocktails with Jackie McM and she is not a "horrible individual".

Kill Bill is on TBS.

Estonianzulu said...

I'm glad Im not the only one who was getting real annoyed with the hurry up tricks people were pulling. Its one thing to run a two minute drill to force the defense to make quick adjustments; its another to try to trick the opposing team into making penalties.

Play football, dont be a rules lawyer.

That Guy said...

She sat on an article to print it the morning of the biggest game of the year.

That's Borges-esque.

I don't give a shit if you kissed her ass at the Fours or not.

scott said...

the thing about that article is that it's NOT NEWS. everyone knows he's a free agent and everyone knows he's like everyone else in america and wants to get paid accordingly. that's not a shocker. but they wait until game day of the playoffs to publish it. usually i like macmullen. i think she writes well and doesn't write bush league articles (like this one), and she also responds when you email her (i ripped into her once about iverson coming or not coming to the celts, and she got right back to me). but that was fucking gay (can i say fuck?) yesterday.