Monday, January 08, 2007

BCS Title Game Reactions: The Big 10 STINKS

Tonight's game was fun for a while, then it just started to get boring. I mean how hard can you hammer the Big 10 right now? Their top two teams got absolutely destroyed in the bowl season. Wisconsin won a fluke game against Arkansas and Penn State hung with Tennessee long enough to pull it out. 2-5 on the bowl season for the Big 10.

I feel bad for Big 10 fans right now, so I'm going to make today's blog interactive. I have some questions for the Big 10 fans out there, you'll see as you read.

How one sided was this game?

- Ginn scored on a kick return with an EGREGIOUS holding penalty at the point of attack that wasn't called, it sprung him directly at the point of attack. No call.

They scored another touchdown on a drive in which they had one of the biggest pussy Roughing the Passer calls when Siler's forearm barely brushed against Troy Smith.

This game could legitimately be 30-0 at halftime.

- Florida got a sack from a guy who was playing without a helmet, and who suffered from seizures when he was a child.

Ok, interaction time:

Legitimate question for the 7 people who read this blog, did Ted Ginn get hurt during the celebration? I think he did. For real. When did he get hit in a manner that he'd get injured?

Ohio State came into this game completely over-confident. They got punched in the mouth and couldn't take it. 2 personal fouls in the first few minutes of the game.

The speed of the SEC was apparent in the Notre Dame - LSU game and tonight. I legitimately wonder if Ohio State ever saw it, even with Michigan. That is why the SEC is the top conference in the nation. No question about it.

Another legit question for the Big 10 people out there: At what point was Ohio State "playing for pride?" I what point did Troy Smith have to start yelling at people to "stay in the game, its all about pride" as they were clearly not going to have a prayer to win it. 2nd half? Late 1st quarter? My money is on after the fumble that Florida recovered and ran inside the 5.

Could Tim Teebow be the top RB in the Big 10? Its possible, isn't it?

I can't pile on. Really, I can't. They just showed like the 20th Ohio State fan crying in the stands so I'll leave it at that. For now.

Or, at least until the morning - when I can count my winnings.


j said...

somehow, someway no one in college football figured out that 98% of the time teebow runs it straight up the middle;

don't get me wrong, UF was the better team, but I am still a little peeved at the success that Teebow had this year, he sucks.

Heisman pick looks like a real dud now; UF's defense is the closest thing to an NFL defense that troy smith saw this year and he choked; he'll be flipping burgers in Columbus in 18 months, go to the nba or join maurice clarett in the local lock up

That Guy said...

I don't know that its so easy to stop Teebow, have to at least honor the playaction with him, as seen by the wide open touchdown pass near the end of the first half.

Agree 100% on Smith, sure he put up huge #'s in a terrible conference this year, but he's light years behind Quinn and Jamarcus Russell after last night's performance.

Did Tony Gonzalez take the field last night?

I still think Ginn got hurt in the celebration.

Anonymous said...

OSU would be like Kentucky if they were in the SEC

Estonianzulu said...

First off, have you ever heard the expression: Gracious in Victory, Forgiving in Defeat? You won, and UF is the best team in the country, no reason to gloat.

Also; Wisconsin won, fair and square. And UT lost to Penn State, there is no denying either of those facts.

I think Ginn hurt his foot during the run, and agitated it after. Mind you, holding happens on almost every single run back in football, the 'EGREGIOUS' holding you saw was a flirtation with how bad holding normally is. Take a look at the number of Ohio State D-linemen who UF tackles pushed to the ground and fell on.

Get over the roughing call. He hit Troy after the ball was gone by a mile, legit call. Besides, if you had stopped the run on the drive it would not have mattered. Frankly, if OSU hadn't had two sloppy penalties in the first half, it could have been 14-14 at the half.

OSU suffered from a few things. The primary cause? A complete lack of focus. 50 days off without a game destroyed the Buckeyes. If this had come a week, or two weeks, after the Michigan game, you would have seen a different OSU team.

And just a question, did you watch the LSU-ND game? Brady Quinn was a cookie.

Tebow would not be a top 10 RB in the Big 10 for exactly the reason you list. If he were a Running Back, that fear of the play action would not be so great. Big 10 coaches are not as likely to call those types of plays.

So, once again; the SEC proved its the best conference in the nation, and the Gators are the best team. Be gracious about it, no reason to kick dirt into the wounds.

That Guy said...

I will always kick the Big 10 at any possible moment.

ted lunk said...

Wisconsin 17 Arkansas 14. Bite Me!

Anonymous said... lopid